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It's okay dude, some of these douche bag no it all's will attack you for asking about this. You've been warned. I'm sure they'll be more.

this is a message board. I asked a question. how else am i supposed to do it? I see people ask questions all the time. If you don't know anything about my question, please don't post. 

Does anyone know of any news about Manson reissuing any of his older albums on vinyl? Portrait of an american family, antichrist superstar, mechanical animals?   Been searching for a long time. I kn

On 10/20/2016 at 8:16 AM, vinyl addict said:

Portrait is my favorite. I have the original, and the green 1LP from HT.

The 2LP original sounds superb, the HT one ...not so much.

Golden Age is the only one I'm missing, and I'm in no rush.

I've had these too.  The HT green is not great.  Kinda wish I hadn't sold the SV copy, the buyer alleged that it never showed up.  It was tracked too.  Stupid USPS.


On 10/19/2016 at 11:28 PM, vinyl addict said:



I agree 100%

I have the original, and had the red HT one also at one point (the completist in me). The red one sounds like poop in comparison. Maybe it's just a CD master?

Some people don't care about the mastering/pressing info. They just want the pretty colors.

I bought the HT press, cuz why not?  The red press is just like the CD, and sounds shallow and pedantic.  Curiously I had the pic disc 2xLP and that was nice.  But the superaltive version for me has to go to Simply Vinyl.  I've refused to sell it and my original Mechanical Animals & Holy Wood.   I did have Grotesque too, which I sold for like 20 bucks more than I paid for it, so yeah couldn't live with having a $180 record.

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Seems like we would have seen more publicity and advertising for it by now if it was supposed to be out by Valentines Day. Manson also mentioned that Antichrist Superstar reissue that was supposed to be out by last October but only mentioned it like 2 months ahead of the proposed release month and that never materialized. I was hoping this thread bump was going to be for that. Still looking forward to a new album though.

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1 hour ago, craigeduk said:


27 minutes ago, Rottengoth said:

People selling boots for that much?? LOL

Plus discogs really cracked down on boots recently. If this is a boot it somehow slipped past them.

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8 hours ago, ZeroNowhere said:

If you're into boots this seller has Holy Wood and Golden Age of Grotesque for pretty reasonable prices.  I grabbed one of each because I had some Ebay Bucks that were about to expire.  I'll report back on the sound when they arrive.



I'm sure they will sound just like the CD's they were made off of.

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Theres Antichrist Superstar aswell in White, Scabbed Wings Angel Edition in Red. There was about 10 copies total all together of these and Mechanical Animals at Amoeba Music in San Fransisco, CA. To me they all sound fine. Golden Age of Grotesque had surface noise on side 1. but i looked at the record and it was scuffed so i got a bad copy. 

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1 hour ago, ZeroNowhere said:

I prefer to think it's because you're a troll in your moms basement who likes to comment on posts that have nothing to do with you,  but you feel compelled to have your voice heard.  Good job, turd.



Lol you are so far off base it's not even funny. 

Keep buying your CDs on vinyl. We are all sitting in anticipation  to hear your reviews, "tard".

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