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VC 1st Annual Super Bowl Squares Free Vinyl Giveaway

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Hey VC,


This site has done a lot for me.  Given me info on pre-orders, given me info on artists to check out, given me friends for my Simpsons Tapped Out game....heh.   I wanted to give back, and what better way than holding a Super Bowl Squares giveaway.


If you aren't familiar with Squares, you get a square.  There are 100 slots available and if you are interested in participating, then respond below.  You will be given 2 Random Squares.  So that means we need 50 people to enter.  After everyone has entered, then numbers are drawn and then placed in the grey slots below.  


So for instance, if you have the Broncos 1 and Seahawks 0, then you would "win" if the score were Denver 21, Seattle 10.  


Prizes will be from my personal collection and awarded in the following manner:


SEALED LP for the person who has the correct score after the 1st quarter

SEALED LP for the person who has the correct score at Halftime

SEALED LP for the person who has the correct score after the 3rd quarter

SEALED LP for the person who has the correct Final Score


BONUS:  If someone is lucky enough to win multiple quarters, then they will get bonus items.  (A list will be provided after the Super Bowl to the winners, to choose from)




So just respond below and you'll be given a square.  We need 50 people for this to work, I am sure we can do this!!


Note:  I'll be at a Super Bowl party on Sunday, so I won't be able to update this real-time until later that night.  But I will have an updated bracket that you can print out and take with you to see how you do!   :)


Good luck!


ENTRIES (Bracket 1--CLOSED):


1. Knifeparty

2. Skadaddy

3. Wasteland76

4. BossDJ26

5. Dapeebs

6. Youinreverse

7. Shenanigans

8. marc32137

9. Steviex2Shoes

10. Victimofadriveby

11. Crashfistfight

12. Trevorxramage

13. bgdesign

14. CVHX

15. Converge88

16. Yocaseycasey

17. Gutzonboglum

18. Ratbrain

19. Wildflange

20 ScottHeisel

21. Justin_Cole

22. Amnorth

23. NJpunkmusic

24. onlettingjoe

25. TheWindBlower

26.  Burntwolf

27. Human Ton and Handy

28. Route36west1

29. Rynflnnry

30. Kess

31. Tvham

32. KSUWdboots


34. Whoshotthefrog

35. Oasisish

36. Nardes

37. King of the Gutters

38. Zuck

39. Dorfpimp

40. Bigseth

41. Ptothedo

42. RhoBearToe

43. Lovelesswrists

44. Lexicondevil

45. Aflycon

46. Crabwalker

47. ReffersonPowell

48. TheJesseB

49. Ian Rees

50. MaloneKW


Link to spreadsheet with the numbers is here:  http://www.filedropper.com/vcfbsquares


Entries (Bracket 2--OPEN):


1. The Saint

2. Kramer73

3. LBCPunk

4. TheDannyChang

5. EyeWin8

6. Sapst16

7. Jetsfan4ever80

8. Brock309


10. ChardeeMacDennis

11. SergeantScruffy

12. King Timberdodge

13. Chobble

14. Daftyler

15. Kidamnesiac

16. Montauk_123

17. hezagenius

18. Stxreeleyes

19. JerseyDave77

20. Lightningspike

21. Zacooper

22. Duff

23. Dutchflowers

24. Chasingbreakers

25. Regularstormy

26. ChriswithanF

27. Mostradamus

28. Dreamover

29. RyBread

30. Elnombre91

31. Carrowsmith89

32. TheFavoritePlay

33. Kylet

34. Seangj

35. Skidroje

36. AndrewB

37. castaway

38. tokimedo

39. Fredrico0012

40. Satansaurus

41. dandw12786

42. jos464

43. jimthehuman

44. VeronicaMars

45. Eskimonow27

46. AndyLikesCats

47. TellAllYourFriends

48. CoffeeXZombie

49. AbovetheEarth

50. Skinnywolf


We had 60 people want in for bracket 2, so the following people had to be cut:


Pastnpending--1 post

Elvismcvegas--1 post

HangtheDJ--1 post

RockNSteady--1 post

Patrick Barcuto--7 posts

Saltedpork87--7 posts

mushmouthbooze--12 posts

Littlefusdawg--15 posts

IRodeTenSpeed--20 posts

Oldheadpunk--28 posts


In the event that someone had fewer posts (e.g. Eskimonow27), then feedback rating was used as a tiebreaker.  This may not be the most ideal situation, but this way, people who are actively involved in VC can have a chance to win.


Here is the 2nd bracket (it is also on page 8):



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