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Extreme Metal Releases and Pre-orders

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51 minutes ago, lexicondevil said:

Cannibal Corpse, Agalloch, and Black Kirin up at Nesi. Missed out on the 100 Corpse since I had to get the Agalloch.

Man that went fast. Had everything I wanted in my basket but sold out instantly. Missed out on the /100 Agalloch and CC so grabbed the less limited variants instead. 

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2 hours ago, Portsi said:

Has anyone ever been able to get one those Nesi 100 variants? It seems that 99% of them always go to flippers.


He could have sold hundreds copies of those Agalloch albums but I guess there is some good reason to keep everything so limited...?

I supposedly got all three 100 Agalloch and they ain't going anywhere. The limited to 180 were easy to get if you were there. I'm sure he will press a second batch. They seem to be approved by John.


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44 minutes ago, Streiti said:

First ordered the CC / 100, because thought, this would sell immediately. After that did a second order with Beherit china version and Agalloch - the mantle 100 and still worked. 

I was going to do that exact method, but after I found out about Agalloch I had to prioritize. As much as I am digging that CC record, Agalloch comes first for me and I had to make sure I got those.

Did anyone pick up Black Kirin? I'm really enjoying their stuff and grabbed the bundle.

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Polish tech death metal virtuosos will release their early demos in a carefully handpicked collection called “The First Damned”.


White/Black Marbled LP, presented in a gatefold sleeve. Limited to 300


Red with Black and White splatter, 140 gram vinyl in a gatefold jacket with 4-page insert.

Nuclear Blast

Also available limited to 120 copies is the White/Black Splatter on their official website:




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1 hour ago, RORAG said:

I don't have the Agalloch record sorry, but any chance you have the NESI Black/Green splatter TBDM Verminous and would be willing to sell it?

Not Dead Enough  in Belgium still has a copy.  https://notdeadenough.be/chinese-vinyl/the-black-dahlia-murder-verminous-black-with-green-silver-splatter-vinyl

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On 5/1/2021 at 10:55 PM, ScourgeOfWrath said:

Thanks for the heads up! Unfortunately it looks like they're not shipping to the UK atm, I suspect due to Brexit, which suuuucks :(

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4 hours ago, anchorlessbodies said:

Thanks for the link. The pink Unreqvited was already sold out on bandcamp, but was able to get it from Prophecy.

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Just now, morfiend said:

 Ordered the Lantlôs LP. I wasn't huge on Melting Sun but this new track is awesome. I wonder what Herbst was up to all this time, he talked about releasing this album years ago.

Melting Sun is what got me into Lantlôs, personally.  This new single feels like a continuation of the “cinematic Deftones” vibe that’s so prevalent on MS, which I’m down for.


Oddly enough the deluxe CD version comes with an entirely separate album.  35 minutes, with some goofy-ass song titles.  I think Markus commented that he’s just as proud of the second CD as he is of Wildhund.  No idea what to expect from it, but the LP contains none of it… which could be a pro or a con, depending on how it turns out.

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8 minutes ago, jhulud said:

Anyone ever order from Listenable Records? It seems to be the only place I’m finding that has these Brujeria reissues, which I’m also wondering if they’re legit. 




Yes.  They were previously reissued by Listenable in 2018.

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