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PO: Gaslight Anthen ‘59 Sound Sessions

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37 minutes ago, geezfools said:

They've been hyping the shit out of something on twitter. Hoping for material closer in the vein of their earlier stuff, but thinking that's a longshot, lol

I disagree heavily. In interviews over the hiatus, Brian has said a few times that he knows fans didn't love Get Hurt and that it wasn't his best work but an album he needed to make. His solo record, Sleepwalkers, was produced by Ted Hutt, who produced some of Gaslight's best records. I think the guys are definitely willing to move away from the alternative/grunge-influenced sound they fully embraced with Get Hurt, but time will tell I guess.


Their reunion is just fantastic news. I'm so pumped. 

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Fell in love with this band when Sink or Swim came out. There's no way they're making an album that sounds anything like that again, and that's cool. Thought Handwritten and Get Hurt were great too in their own ways. I'm excited for whatever they do next, though I agree with the post above in hoping it's nothing like any of his solo records. 

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2 hours ago, Shitty Rambo said:

I may be in the minority here but I think Handwritten is a great album and think whatever they do next will more than likely be more similar to that than to Sink or Swim. 

Love Handwritten! Came out at the perfect time in my life to be a top album forever, personally. 

As others have said, just happy they’re back and excited for whatever comes next. 

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7 hours ago, TheWindBlower said:

Drop your rankings 👀

The '59 Sound > Handwritten > Sink Or Swim > American Slang > Get Hurt

I also love the whole catalog. Get Hurt has some great moments on it.

 pretty much this, although I would add the Señor and the Queen EP to the very top of the list.

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