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Thrice - Beggars 10th Anniversary Repress

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6 hours ago, Juturna90 said:

Zia records has it up for sale on their site now as well. Looks like the striped version is going to be an indie exclusive. Safe to assume there will be official preorders through vagrants KRM store next week sometime.


not avail on zia any longer. hoping it pops up somewhere else. id rather not own it than buy from src. 

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3 hours ago, holyvacantsholyhell said:

I’ve made my feelings about SRC clear in the past but I just find it hilarious the number of people who would rather “stick it to SRC” and send some unheard message than own a long OOP album for $24

i have numerous copies of the first press, and both variants of the second press. Yes, id rather not own this press than order from SRC. not trying to send a message to SRC, its more helping me sleep at night knowing im not supporting a company that i truly dislike and vocalize frequently and not compromising my morals cause i want something that bad. 

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2 minutes ago, Derek™ said:

I interpret “3 striped, colored variants” - their words - differently than “3-striped colored variant” which I think is what you’re getting at.  Guess we’ll know soon enough.

Someone on Instagram showed off at least 2 variants so I’m guessing there’s 3 versions. One was red/yellow/blue and the other was brown/orange/green.

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