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PO: Beach House *Bloom* 2xLP Sub Pop Exclusive

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1 hour ago, ethereal said:

got mine today, it was packed in a flimsy paper mailer and placed within a huge amazon box to bounce around in transit... luckily there was no significant damage but god damn TTL

Seems like that's how they're shipping most of them. Glad their warehouse was only like 100 miles from where I live, mine in came in great condition. Sucks for anyone who's LP has to travel across the country.

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I had one of these IN MY cart at the stroke of four, and was simply trying to up my cart to TWO copies, just to make up for the $7 shipping charge...


Gave up and just tried to check out one...GONE!


My greed kept me from my “purple bliss.” 😄


Oh well, I have a black copy. Amazing record! 👍

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On 6/1/2019 at 2:25 PM, OldKentuckyShark said:

You might as well not own a copy

FACT: You need to own at least three black vinyl copies of the same album to equal the electrolytes in a single colored vinyl copy. 

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15 minutes ago, twatay said:

I don't think so...seller was iknewitwasyou...:unsure:

I haven’t purchased anything from eBay in quite a while, but that’s not a name I recognize.  Gotta’ support the indie small flippers.


11 minutes ago, iameasytofind said:

day after i wrote i didnt get an email, the email came and package duly delivered yesterday.  i would email TTL if you are concerned. package was shipped from Lexington KT.

I don’t know if I’m reading this correctly.  Did you get no shipping confirmation at any point?  Or a shipping confirmation the day after you replied, and then your package arrived immediately after?  If they shipped my order out and just forgot to send a confirmation e-mail, that’s great.  Guess I’ll drop them a line just to see what’s up.

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