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The Mondo Records Thread - You think limited? Will sell fast?

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The Eyeland and Hollywood & Vines ftw.

Really hoping they go simplistic with the art. I'd literally be fine with the numbers like the image they posted. Or I've always been a big fan of the island/hatch light concept.



Or maybe they go the route of making the packaging (a la Fight Club-ish) look like a generic Dharma product - "VINYL RECORD".

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Ah, so yesterday was the 15 year anniversary (?!) of the pilot episode - crazy.

Mondo is saying it's coming soon, do they have anything announced for this Wednesday yet? That'd be awesome. Usually those emails go out Monday afternoon...



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hmmmmmmm. this was on Reddit



I was at the concert in Dublin (earlier in 2019) and it was indeed being recorded for an album to be released "later in the year". I was hoping for a vinyl release but knowing now that Mondo is doing it has me extra excited. For those curious, here is the setlist from the concert:


The Eye-land / World’s Worst Beach Party / Run Like, Um… Hell

Live Together, Die Alone

Take A Hike (Travelling Theme)

Locke’d Out Again

Monsters are Such Innnteresting people

Hurley’s Handouts

The Constant

Getting Ethan

Life and Death

Parting Words

If a Tree Falls (Final 30 seconds of track)

The Others

Ab Aeterno

Oceanic 6

(Unknown Action Suite)


The Tangled Web

Moving On


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