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Is this Virgil at an Avs game?


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I'm not sure of the laws down in the states, but up here in the great white north a case could be made if he ripped off enough of you to escalate it out of small claims.


They are called class action lawsuits. They wouldn't apply in this case, because I doubt you could find a lawyer to take on the case to get 200 people $60 back. They are usually for things like medicine with bad side effects that weren't warned of, where the payoff is in the many thousands or millions (I believe).


Virgil took my $60. I also got 4 records I sold for over $100 I believe (I think the Falcon record went for nearly $50 on ebay). Even if all I had to do was sign my name to a lawsuit I probably wouldn't do it. Dude fucked up. I don't think it was intentional, just shitty business. I've moved on and I hope he is having a decent life post VC. I don't need to drag up old drama out of principle.


If I had bought into his "every Suburban Home record for life" schemes (which cost what, $1k or something like that?) or I was a distro who lost thousands in merchandise, I could see being a little more prone to legal actions.

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