The Mark Kozelek/Sun Kil Moon/Red House Painters thread

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This thread prompted me to listen to all of that album... Kinda speechless at how little fucks is given by MK any more, even down to being bad Codeine "groovy bass jams" for 150+ minutes with so little variation and sooooo many callbacks as if this was the Captain America: Civil War chapter of SKM mixed with Magnetic Fields at his most alienated. 


I came close to buying it anyway precisely because this album seems so unpopular right now and the shelf-life of the songs seem to be six months which makes this an amazing time capsule of 2016 going into 2017.

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12 minutes ago, simple_torture said:

Pre-order up at Bull Moose for a few bucks less than the Caldo Verde pre-order. I'd do a cancel/re-order but, meh, the money's already spent:


uh it's $10 cheaper AND you get BM points AND it doesn't charge yet

you're crazy

i just swapped mine

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Unfortunately BM doesn't ship internationally... I still don't know why when literally every online retailer does. Sucks for them, I could give them way tons of business if they did.


I'm a CV loyalist anyways. Can't wait to get the Night Talks EP.

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