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    I still would have gone to the show and maybe not bought one at that price. Sleep are awesome live.
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    Did you order from the band site or Run For Cover?
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    the black album is by far the best UL album. Does anyone get down with the band Pivit as well? They were from the same area and were friends with UL and toured together. Pivit's Millenium is one of the best punk albums ever.
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    It's supposed to be getting a release here too: https://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/killing-joke-40th-anniversary
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    Thanks for the info - guess I'll order straight from Merchnow then since it says they'll email you a DL.
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    My friend ordered WW from Merchnow and did not get a download card.
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    Po : Slow Crush - Aurora

    sweet! I will be at the austin show, cannot wait!
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    Black Friday RSD 2018

    Get them on Black vinyl for less: https://davematthewsband.shop.musictoday.com/product/DMLP25/dave-matthews-and-tim-reynolds-prism-coffee-house-charlottesville-va-4221993?cp=1_99108_99312 https://davematthewsband.shop.musictoday.com/product/DMLP24/dave-matthews-band-trax-charlottesville-va-2221994?cp=1_99108_99312
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    Jazz Music & Records Thread

    Don't know if there are any Nathan Davis fans here, but I had to jump on this one. Sounds like it's been well made and though I haven't heard it, it's got great songs in the set. The guy who runs the label is selling them on his site and Discogs. I think it's a few bucks cheaper on Discogs, but still steep with shipping to the U.S. Even so, I don't think you will ever find this cheaper in the future, unless you get lucky. This will only be released on vinyl, no digital or CD. Nathan Davis With Georges Arvanitas Trio ‎– Live In Paris - The ORTF Recordings 1966/67 Unissued live session discovered in the National French Radio archive. Hand Numbered Strictly Edition, Limited to 1,500 copies! 3LP-set, 180g vinyl pressed by Pallas. Housed in a tri-fold cover with full size photos by Jean-Pierre Leloir. Title and informations on removable orange strip. Double pages with notes and essay by Jean Szlamowicz. Each record has been visually checked to prevent defects.
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    Ugh. I hate how I have to set a page on Facebook to "See First" just to see it at all.
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    This label is really living up to its name.
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    Stress On The Sky

    Best Albums of 2018?

    I was so close to certain on mine but last Friday saw so much good stuff drop that I'll have to seriously reconsider my orders of preference. So heres a disorganised list of albums I've enjoyed. Drowse - Cold Air Mount Eerie - Now Only Eliza Shaddad - Future Floating Room - False Baptism Dead Meadow - The Nothing They Need Remote Viewing - Blood Loss Sonance - To Possess You Entirely Ex:Re - Ex:Re Emma Ruth Rundle - On Dark Horses Big Lad - Pro Rock Earl Sweatshirt - Some Rap Songs Cursive - Vitriola Author & Punisher - Beastland Vennart - To Cure A Blizzard On A Plastic Sea
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    What Test Presses do you own?

    Hot Water Music ‎- Fuel For The Hate Game - (2011) 2 LP 1/20 Silk Screen Hot Water Music ‎- Fuel For The Hate Game - (2015) 1/5 Remastered Hot Water Music - Eating The Filler - (1999) 1/8 Hot Water Music - No Division - (1999) Hot Water Music ‎- Finding The Rhythms - (2003) Hot Water Music ‎- Finding The Rhythms - (2016) 2 LP 1/5 Remastered Hot Water Music - Live At The Hardback - (2016) 1/5 Remastered Hot Water Music - A Flight And A Crash - (2001) Hot Water Music - Caution - (2002) Hot Water Music - The New What Next - (2004) Hot Water Music ‎- Till The Wheels Fall Off - (2008) 2 LP 1/20 Silk screen Hot Water Music - Live In Chicago #1 - (2010) 1/10 Hot Water Music - Live In Chicago #2 - (2010) Hot Water Music - Live In Chicago #3 - (2010) Hot Water Music - Live In Chicago #4 - (2010) 1/20 Hot Water Music - Live In Chicago #5 - (2011) Hot Water Music ‎- Live In Chicago #6 - (2011) Hot Water Music ‎- Live In Chicago - (2011) 3 LP 1/20 Hot Water Music ‎- Exister - (2012) 18/50 Hot Water Music / Tommorrow - Split - (2014) Hot Water Music - 20 Anniversary Collection (2015) 4 LP 9/15 Hot Water Music - Light It Up - (2017) 1/20 Leatherface / Hot Water Music - BYO Split (1999) Alkaline Trio / Hot Water Music - Split - (2012) Picture Disc Chuck Ragan - It's What You Will - (2006) 1/15 Chuck Ragan - Los Feliz - (2007) Chuck Ragan ‎- Feast Or Famine - (2007) 1/15 Chuck Ragan / Austin Lucas - Bristle Ridge - (2008) 2/7 Chuck Ragan ‎- Covering Ground - (2013) Picture Disc Chuck Ragan / Astronautalis - Asbestos Records Double Exposure - (2014) The Draft - In A Million Pieces - (2006) The Draft - Na Na Na - (2007) The Draft - We'll Never Know - (2007) Cro(w)s ‎- Durty Bunny - (2002) The Blacktop Cadence - Chemistry For Changing Times - (2003) The Blacktop Cadence - La Reine D'Alcool - (2010) 1/20 Rumbleseat ‎- Is Dead - (200?) 14 Song Version Rumbleseat - Is Dead - Screen Print Cover, Original Art - 1/1 Rumbleseat - Saturn In Crosshairs - (1999) 1/8 Rumbleseat - Picker - (1999) 1/8 Mike Hale / Chris Wollard - Split 7" - (2007) 1/10 Drag The River / Chris Wollard & The Ship Thieves ‎- Split 7" - (2009) 3/8 Chris Wollard & The Ship Thieves ‎- Canyons - (2012) 1/20 Ship Thieves ‎- No Anchor - (2016) 1/5 Ship Thieves ‎- No Anchor - (2016) 1/10 Unwed ‎- Made Of - (2014) 1/10 No Idea 100 : Redefiling Music - 1/20 Cory Branan & Jon Snodgrass - ST - (2013) 1/5 Jon Snodgrass - Five-State Record - (2011) 2/5 Austin Lucas / Chuck Ragan - A Split Seven Inch Record - (2006) - 1/3 Austin Lucas - The Common Cold - (2009) Austin Lucas - Putting The Hammer Down - (2007) 1/5 Austin Lucas - A New Home In The Old World - (2011) 2/10 Whiskey & Co. - Rust Colors - (2010) Whiskey & Co. - Ripped Together, Torn Apart - (2016) 1/10 Ninja Gun - Roman Nose - (2011) Nightmares For A Week / Banquets - Split - (2014) 13/15 Banquets - ST - (2013) 25/30 Clipwing - Ashford 12" - (2015) 8/15 Meridian - The Cathedral - (2014) 20/50 Great Lakes USA - Stumbling Distance - (2015) 7/10 Sister Double Happiness - ST - (1987) Wolves & Wolves & Wolves & Wolves - Scorched Earth - (2014) Cayetana - Tired Eyes - (2016) 1/1 Acetate 12" Various - All Aboard : A Tribute To Johnny Cash - (2008) 20
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    OK COMPUTER. MOONSHAKE (went legit)

    This is my nomination for the general VC slogan of 2018.
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    BRIEF HISTORY - Moonshake starts with good intentions, Mega Man 2 record produced, receives a lot of attention, more profit potential. Small project for music that at the time we never thought we would see on vinyl. Generally a dick to people on the internet, huge ego. - Gains a lot of attention, creates a big Zelda run, no intention of giving any composers money, people begin questioning him. Outlines his upcoming releases, continues to act like a dick. - Receives a lot of negative attention, Ship to Shore realizes he's using a licensed Mother track on the upcoming NES release, they ask for him to remove it, Moonshake doesn't comply. Goes ahead and plays the victim card, changes his tone, suddenly all his profit now goes to the original artist/charity so he isn't the bad guy. - Gains even more attention, goes forward with Castlevania and NES Greatest Hits releases, outlines his next Pokemon release, rants on his mailing list, empty promises of licensing releases and handing his profit to the composers. Continues to play the victim card, claims people are treating him unfairly and rants about how other companies don't give a penny to the composers. - Releases Pokemon, receives even more attention, continues to play the victim card, no word on money to composers, no luck in getting licenses, claims there is a troll man-hunt, continues his inflated 'I'm a miracle' attitude. I had no problem with Sean's project at the beginning but he's inflated this whole thing with his ego even though none of what he is doing is his own work, he has mislead his fans and has only shaped his intentions when he was put on the spot. The work I've seen every other company who releasing game music takes a lot more effort and practically does a lot more hard work than he has ever done. DataDiscs releases are tributes to the game with official art, everything represented perfectly, yet Moonshake's releases are generally just a tribute to himself.
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    About the Pokemon record: 'The most annoying being that they list the record is $50, which I did not authorize them to do whatsoever' Just like GAME FREAK (who have legal digital music here) didn't authorize you to sell in the first place, right. 'I do not and have NEVER done this for money whatsoever' Sure thing, I'm sure it was all going to the Mega Man and Zelda composers from the very start, right. 'not shitty vinyl “collectors” that buy records only as trophies to show off to other collectors.' Half your audience mate. 'If all I cared about was ripping off nerds, I could just infinitely repress the mega man 2 or Zelda albums.' Or you could bootleg a load of other releases. 'But Im not trying to be a business.' Good luck with that Snatcher license. 'you can see how many labels have quickly popped up after me' Ignoring the hundreds of game records released before him. 'uninspired soundtrack album design that’s generic as hell' Reference to his own bad album art. 'though for the record there are still labels like Iam8bit and datadiscs do awesome quality work and everyone should support them' I'm sure they totally respect what all the hard work Moonshake does too. Ninja Gaiden is coming out? I don't think Keiji Yamagishi/Brave Wave would be very happy about that (who they work closely with) at least they work directly with the original artists, do people actually believe he's sending all that profit from the Pokemon records to Junichi Masuda? Why such the big deal, it's half-ass work made out to be some glorious bootleg revolution. You can't make up excuses until you at least try attempt going legit, and asking your mailing list for lawyer help doesn't make it any easier.
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