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New Bright Eyes Album 2020

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3 minutes ago, dawhizz said:

Gonna go ahead and put this here: 


Have to hard disagree with that list. 

worst to best



Peoples Key
Digital Ash

Fevers and Mirrors
Letting Off The Happiness

Wide Awake



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New story post on IG. I think they may be playing Forest Hills F R S T H L L S and 

A P D O C F Z whatever that means. 

Long story short, there are two posters that are identical except for that line

DEDOCNZ- Dead Oceans   :-0 



New one:

ENDOTRD (end of the road?) Festival

Still stuck on APDOCFDZ

LIQDRM (Liquid Room) Scotland/ Japan

PLLDM (Palladium) MA and/ or Hollywood

Also, the space between their IG story posts I getting shorter. Expect another this evening.

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Digging on Reddit and I uncovered some "confirmed" info by Redditors (insanely reliable, I know): 

1. Bagpipes will be featured on album. (based on IG photo tagging BEs)

2. Seems kinda unlikely, but the explanation made it a bit more likely: Flea plays bass on new album (which is, reportedly, done). 

Thanks for coming to my TED talk.

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34 minutes ago, DC1221 said:

I've seen Desparecidos and Monsters of Folk, but never just Conor or BE. Hoping for a tour.

I've only seen Desa and Conor solo, though one show was basically BE for a few songs.

Where are you located? So far we have LA, NY, England, and Scotland OR Japan all but confirmed.

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6 minutes ago, DecayToDeath said:

It says it's supposed to have started now, but all the ticketmaster links are dead. Gonna wait until 3am (midnight pst) before I pass out and decide to wait until morning.


Thanks for sharing. Odds are, it'll be Thursday. Pre-sales usually go up the day before the public on sale, and this pre-sale seems the end Friday morning.

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