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  1. having a quasi-religious experience here
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  2. new user posts on this site are growing more powerful by the day
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  3. I dig her music quite a bit. The stuff she did as Selena Gomez & The Scene is more pop rock with some wisps of pop punk But her solo stuff is more straightforward pop, of which I'd say Rare is my favorite although Revival is also pretty great.
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  4. That's gotta be a record, right?
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  5. Revisiting this album since they just released the Digital Ghost version. Watched some of those vids on YouTube and the visuals are great. I will say again, the heavy parts of this record are so good. The “pop” parts of these newer albums are what people aren’t enjoying I think. I just want another heavy/experimental album from them. Pneumonia is still my favorite track on this album.
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  8. New Panopticon is live! https://shop.bindrunerecordings.com/collections/bindrune-titles/products/panopticon-the-rime-of-memory-2lp-pre-order
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  9. FUCK YES. I skipped buying this so many times when it was going for $10 on Discogs and have regretted it for years.
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  10. YPAA at 45 RPM is an absolute no brainer! Lucky to have a pressing that Matt put out in 2013 and may have passed if it wasn't a 45 RPM. Certain to be killer!
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  11. Been listening to the remastered reissues this morning on Spotify. They sound so damn good. Anyone know if any other places still have the clear vinyl versions?
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