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Underoath - They're Only Chasing Safety / Define the Great Line Tour Repress

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3 minutes ago, ejc625 said:

With that line of thinking, why share any information regarding sales whatsoever? Limited or otherwise?

I see both sides. It's a bad situation because the record has been flipped for an ungodly price and people are mad about it. I know I am since I had to sell my reunion tour tickets and I was unable to get a copy. I asked Solid State a while back if there would be a repress and they said they would expect the band to repress it soon. I guess Underoath owns the rights now? Either way a retail press would have been appreciated by most people. Here's to hoping we all get a copy.

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Wow don't what just happened but praise the server gods I got a US White copy. I ordered that because the international wasn't up yet, went back and added that separately but when I went to check out it was sold out. So that may have been it.... like what less than 50 copies?

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