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srcvinyl Blink 182 Reissues - Enema of the State, Dude Ranch, Blink 182 & The Mark Tom Travis Show

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I absolutely cant stand SRC. I ordered the DIllinger escape plan vinyl from them and they sent me the wrong items completely. It took me 2 weeks to hear back, ONLY after I threatened with a chargeback. I sent them back overnight with signature delivery and 3 weeks went by with nothing. I had to then threaten to chargeback AGAIN! Then they responded and said they arrived with dings and wont refund. After informing them thats not my problem because its not even what I ordered, and that the bank won't care, did they refund me. FUCK SRC

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I had the famous splatter versions of Dude Ranch and Enema but I barely listened to them, so I sold them for a good return about a year ago.  I learned that Blink 182 are more of a fuzzy comforting reminder of middle school for me and I already have Spotify for when I need to hear Apple Shampoo once every 8 months.

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