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The Birdbox box is outstanding. I’m regretting not buying the Social Network and Dragon Tatoo scores when I had the chance (figures I had Ghosts and that was good enough). But Watchmen made me realize I need to play these more often. 

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They just added another 500 bird box's. And now it says " This is a PreOrder item and is expected to ship the week of December 2nd, 2019*.  So maybe they had the 1st 1k ready to go and will ship the rest later. I cant see these being too limited if they aren't announcing that they are.


They aren't dumb. makes more sense to act like the stock is limited for people like us who check the available quanties in the page source. If it had said 10k were available in the source how many people would just wait for it rather than buying it now just in case it actually sold out (like jhulud now or myself in the past with Deviations).

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1 hour ago, lostcrimes said:

I'm going to give Amazon a few more days before I cave in.

If I remember, it was quite a while before the first batch of DE’s went up on Amazon.  But, they’ve been in all retail since, at cheaper prices.  If you can wait a few months, it’ll probably be there, but I’m doubting it’s gonna happen before the first of the year.



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