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Coheed And Cambria - Good Apollo, I'm Burning Star IV Volume One [2LP] (150 Gram Splatter Vinyl)

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I wish I missed out on this thread all across the board.

Man your own jackhammer.  

I missed your joke the first 4 times you said it, can you post it a few more times.

5 minutes ago, Derek™ said:

MSRP for the RSD version is $29.99, I do believe.  No idea how Bull Moose is listing theirs below that, but props to them.  They work magic over there.


Anyone know what the RSD "splatter" entails?


And is that D2C a clear and translucent red LP?  That'd be slick.

-Bullmoose is the best. Always with a lower price.

-I don't, but I think we hypothesized red with black splatter

-I believe that is what it is supposed to be. Details will hopefully come at noon on Thursday. I'm actually pretty pumped for that. 

12 minutes ago, The Saint said:

Was there any specificity on the tour version variant?  Can't even find the confirmation for it but maybe I'm not looking hard enough.  Plus who knows if they'll have them for the last night of the tour. But I'm pretty burnt out on splatter vinyl and waiting in line so it's between the tour variant and the webstore variant.

No details as of yet. They said, in their post in the Facebooks, that there would be a tour variant and an RSD retail variant as well. That's all we're given.  

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And why white?  Terrible design decision.


For as long as the wait has been for this album, I know it seems silly to balk at the $50 PPD price tag – sales tax probably puts it over, for me – but at the end of the day it's half a hundred bucks to revisit nostalgia.  Tough pill to swallow when the MSRP is closer to $29.99 on these.  May brave my odds with RSD and go for something that's (hopefully) not on white vinyl, and ideally priced a bit more realistically.

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1 minute ago, tape said:

Thinking I might just take my chances with going to a couple of stores on RSD. I liked the webstore version a lot better when I thought it was red and clear, not red and white. Also getting it for $20 less is appealing.

We basically have an identical view on this one.


Not that it means anything, but 10,000 is the maximum amount you can add to a cart for the D2C variant.

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Just now, Derek™ said:

Are you checking the page's source code or something?  I did catch your post but found it interesting you could add more than 2,500.

If you update the quantity in the cart past (now) 2,450, it says there's not enough stock.

It started at 2,500 when it went up earlier.

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24 minutes ago, mattisr1984 said:

just... fuck it. i bought one. $15 in my paypal helped cushion the blow but lets be honest - the extra $10 prob would be worth it to not have to brave the absolute fucking shit show that is RSD to get a copy. 

Yeah...I have to brave RSD for The Rising Tide anyway, so either way I'm going. Unless that also gets a wider release I can guarantee myself a copy of.

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