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Coronavirus COVID-19 Social Distancing Self-Quarantine Discussion Thread

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7 hours ago, Subdomestic said:

The vaccination roll out in Canada is a fucking embarrassment and I am so frustrated with how things are unfolding here. I keep rolling back and forth between apathy and rage.


Toronto has been in lockdown since November,  in some form or another.  We are heading into a steep third wave and the flip flopping on what's open is driving me nuts. Schools are closed again however my kids have already been home for almost two weeks after a positive case in one of their classrooms. We've all been tested and are all negative.


I understand the need to keep schools closed to control community spread and protect teachers. I get it. And I say that as someone who is trying to work from home with two crazy young kids running around. I am just frustrated at how haphazardly it's being done. Our lives can't change on a daily basis with the flip of a switch. The shut down notice came 1 day after we were told how amazingly safe the school system is. I should be used to politicians lying and bending the truth but it's still disappointing when it becomes crystal clear that they just don't give a shit about regular citizens.


On the plus side, my elderly grandmother and my brother (front line worker)  have finally got their shots. My parents are eligible to make their appointments as of today.


I am very jealous of the US doing 4M+ vaccinations a day. At least going back to being jealous of the US brings back some familiarity and normality. Congrats on finding your way out of this one guys.

For our incredibly fucked healthcare system, the US vaccination rollout is running the way it is because we "pre-ordered" and hoarded a bunch of viles in advance (before most other industrialized nations) and we're making it available to everyone we can ASAP so we could return to "business as usual." I mean its great but its main objective is to stem our economy from hemorrhaging the way it has for an extended period of time. It's a real mixed bag overall, but good for us I guess?


Other countries like Canada and the EU has given way more money to its citizens while they "figure it out" while we said here's 1 month's rent make it last a year.

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Just got my first vaccine shot this past week. Wasn't too bad. My arm was killing me the day after and had a massive headache. But the headache was probably more to do with the anticipation and all else that has been going on in my household earlier involving potential undiagnosed mental illness and/or neurological disorder on my brother's part. 

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After 9 months of delays due to COVID, I accepted a promotion at work and am now working remotely (at least for now). I’ve been working retail for 21 years with the same company and this past holiday season was the worst I could ever remember. With so many delays on the hiring of my new position along with issues just keeping a crew together, I was at my wits end and considering stepping down. My boss randomly came in one day and offered me the job, I couldn’t believe it. I’ve never had an office job so the learning curve has been difficult at times but it’s been a much needed change.

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