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The Smashing Pumpkins - Archival Releases

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6 hours ago, museummouth said:

Insane price. Like come on. Don’t encourage this. 

Yeah. This.


I spent extra to get the signed Cotillions box set. I bought tea twice to get a signed Adore and the lime green Monuments, but all those times I felt like I was getting something a bit more for my money (I love tea and deluxe vinyl box sets). They're literally charging a stupid amount for a 2LP, and then tacking an extra 100usd on for them to scribble on them.


The sad thing is, these will sell out and this will probably be the benchmark going forward :(


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On Instagram they posted little info and that test presses have been reviewed …


ONLY 2,500 of these! Wow this will be one of the more rare vinyl variants out there of SP

as well a 2nd show to be announced on a month. Dang that’s fast and also guessing another $75 LP which is gonna get pricey for diehards 

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51 minutes ago, bear801 said:

This one i may actually buy.   Hope the James solo set is included too.  

They have the James stuff listed on the IG, I think they would have just left it off otherwise. I hope at least.

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  • highfives changed the title to The Smashing Pumpkins - Archival Releases
2 hours ago, SpaceAmbient said:

I still remember calling Hot Topic when their website wasn't letting me order the last copy of the Infinite Sadness box set. Store manager put me on hold, bought the box set himself and then told me "it JUST sold out! Sorry!" 😄

Barnes & Noble did that to me once.  “Hey sorry.  Yeah we were holding it for you but my employee decided to buy it”.   

They held it for a grand total of 2 hours.   I showed up right after that.  Had my name on it and everything lol

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Details from the Instagram video:


On sale Saturday 7/31, time TBD.  It will be on sale for ~3 days.

2xLP available in gold (shipping first) and silver.  Standard black sounds like it will be coming for the second press.


The third archival release will be coming shortly as well as an unspecified photo release.

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