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Ughh, I want the box set so bad now for that cassette. 


While I had P/O'd my Blue variant from Amoeba online, I went to  SFAmoeba on Sunday and asked if they had any extra posters and they JUST ran out :( 

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8 hours ago, lethalenforcer said:

AMSP and OKC are much more similar. In Rainbows is more of a slipcase, but still worth getting.


The artwork for the IR box actually looks just like the standard b&w AMSP cover, so I always confuse it.

I bought mine used without the slipcase. It was quite a bit cheaper and I was never really a fan of the art on the slipcase anyhow. At least compared to the original artwork. Also prefer the box set variation of the cover compared to the original. 

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