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PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

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Just now, lethalenforcer said:

May wind up being a larger pressing and not very difficult to get. We shall see. Keep your eyes on other retailers.

You're probably right. Indie exclusives are common at my local Zia. I'm sure with BM being the first to post it, they got slammed. Will keep my peepers peeled. Either way, I'm just excited this is finally out and it's quickly becoming my favorite release of the year. Yeah, I said it.

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22 hours ago, deafening said:

Very 90’s to me at times. I can’t recall which song, but I thought I was hearing Alice In Chains for a second. 


6 minutes ago, 2moreinches said:

I think it was No Control but it made me think of Polly by Nirvana


I think In the Water sounds more like an Alice In Chains song. I thought the same thing when I listened to it.

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