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contiinstereo contiinstereo 04/22/2019 Great seller. Fast shipping. Thanks necroking necroking
mpitts mpitts 04/21/2019 Super fast shipping and great with communication. So glad to see someone out there helping others get RSD titles they missed at basically the same price you would get it in store. cratesofvinyl cratesofvinyl
thefavoriteplay thefavoriteplay 04/17/2019 Joey was amazing. Dude made a special trip to the store just to grab me the mini RSD3" record player at cost and shipped to it to me. Had it three days later. Stand up guy for our community! njpunkmusic njpunkmusic
elcowboyrojo elcowboyrojo 04/17/2019 great seller! quick! aciccone86 aciccone86
sugareggs sugareggs 04/16/2019 Honest seller with quick shipment! luke.bremer luke.bremer
luke.bremer luke.bremer 04/13/2019 Great dude. sugareggs sugareggs
throughbeingcruel throughbeingcruel 04/06/2019 Awesome dude! great communication! mfzbjaan mfzbjaan
throughbeingcruel throughbeingcruel 04/01/2019 Awesome communication and pricing. Would totally work with again Tastetherainbow Tastetherainbow
Brock N Roll Brock N Roll 03/28/2019 great seller, will buy from again! aciccone86 aciccone86
ozfacter ozfacter 03/25/2019 Quick payment! Good communication. shenanigans shenanigans
shenanigans shenanigans 03/25/2019 Thanks! ozfacter ozfacter
okposo21 okposo21 03/22/2019 Great seller! Fast shipping and fast response. Packaging was great too. Seller provided tracking and shipped next day. januarytwenty januarytwenty
throughbeingcruel throughbeingcruel 03/18/2019 Another great experience - fast shipping and great prices! Recommended. defchino11 defchino11
RecordsandIPA RecordsandIPA 03/18/2019 East trade, shipped quick, packed well. shenanigans shenanigans
shenanigans shenanigans 03/17/2019 Flawless Trade, PERFECT!!!!! RecordsandIPA RecordsandIPA
wellnow wellnow 03/14/2019 Received very quickly and in good shape. Thanks again for all of your help! Kjm23 Kjm23
raindownonme23 raindownonme23 03/06/2019 GREAT SELLER, WILL BE BUYING FROM AGAIN! aciccone86 aciccone86
KingTacoMunster KingTacoMunster 03/05/2019 Great seller. THE_James_Champ THE_James_Champ
Fowty Dollaz Fowty Dollaz 03/05/2019 Can't say enough good things about seller. Great communication. Held the record for me because it had not arrived. Shipped immediately. Would 1000% buy from him again. heyjoespin heyjoespin
throughbeingcruel throughbeingcruel 03/05/2019 Whoa. Nothing but good things to say here - all packages arrived in great shape, all records obviously kept in a good home, and GREAT PRICES on top of everything. Would purchase again! defchino11 defchino11
heyjoespin heyjoespin 03/05/2019 Dude waited patiently for the record to arrive. He then paid promptly, and he went out of his way to tell me the record came and thanked me repeatedly. Solid buyer! Fowty Dollaz Fowty Dollaz
anchorclose anchorclose 02/20/2019 Awesome person! Packaged amazingly and ships fast. Will do business with him again. EmeryRK EmeryRK
anchorclose anchorclose 02/20/2019 Awesome person! Packaged amazingly and ships fast. Will do business with him again. EmeryRK EmeryRK
erikness erikness 02/20/2019 Album arrived in great shape, shipped safely. Thanks! bluescreenlife bluescreenlife
throughbeingcruel throughbeingcruel 02/19/2019 Quick shipment, and all 6 arrived packed very well and in excellent condition. A++++++ Mordecai Mordecai
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