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ThunderPantz ThunderPantz 06/12/2019 Great buyer, thanks so much! Mystereogotmono1 Mystereogotmono1
Mystereogotmono1 Mystereogotmono1 06/12/2019 Record in great shape and well shipped. Thanks! ThunderPantz ThunderPantz
sewnmouth sewnmouth 06/11/2019 Great buyer, pleasure to work with Mystereogotmono1 Mystereogotmono1
Mystereogotmono1 Mystereogotmono1 06/11/2019 Fast shipping, easy and prompt communication. Thank you! sewnmouth sewnmouth
perryburner perryburner 06/09/2019 Made plans several weeks back to grab a record for him at a show. He reminded me before the show, which I had asked him to do, and I grabbed it for him. He sent payment immediately and tipped, which was not necessary. It meant a lot to me that he told me that it arrived safely and he thanked me. That's all I needed. Buffbloom Buffbloom
whoa whoa 06/07/2019 Thank you so much! I was seeking a UK exclusive variant of a record for my son’s collection. Whoa reached out to me and let me know that he had it. He offered it to me for the cost of shipping since he wasn’t a big fan of it himself. Everything arrived quickly and in flawless condition. Packaging method was A+ Also, found out whoa is an amazing artist. Thanks! perryburner perryburner
agua agua 06/07/2019 Agua sold me three different very hard to find copies of The Wonder Years - The Greatest Generation at an excellent price. They were part of a massive gift for my wife and I can’t thank agua enough. Packaging was impeccable and the condition of everything was top notch. Even the downloads were included. These three copies were personally important to him and I’m very thankful that he was willing to part with them and put so much care into every aspect of the sale, packaging, and shipping. perryburner perryburner
Buffbloom Buffbloom 06/07/2019 I wish Vinyl Collective allowed for higher ratings for super awesome people. Extremely kind. Hooked me up with a tour variant. Only charged me cost + shipping. Absolute perfection in packaging and even included a mo-if sleeve. Thank you so much! I hope to one day be able to return the favor. perryburner perryburner
uhohduck uhohduck 06/04/2019 Helped me out big time on getting something I've wanted forever. Packed well and responsive in DMs. Recommended! DecayToDeath DecayToDeath
youspinmeround youspinmeround 06/04/2019 Fast shipping, good price, great condition. One of the best sellers around. ntslash ntslash
Tidal Wave Tidal Wave 06/02/2019 great communication, great packing and fast shipping. thanks! ozfacter ozfacter
No Humans No Humans 05/15/2019 This dude ROCKS! Have bought from him multiple times and he is SIMPLY THE BEST!!! tetsuodaironman tetsuodaironman
sugareggs sugareggs 05/14/2019 EXCELLENT seller. Ships fast, packages extremely well, and communicates even better. Don't hesitate to buy from! thievesdont thievesdont
thievesdont thievesdont 05/14/2019 Awesome member! sugareggs sugareggs
thievesdont thievesdont 05/14/2019 Awesome member! sugareggs sugareggs
TheWindBlower TheWindBlower 05/13/2019 Great trader! quick shipping and good communication...thanks! kyacrash kyacrash
kyacrash kyacrash 05/13/2019 Great trader - fast shipping TheWindBlower TheWindBlower
scottheisel scottheisel 05/10/2019 Top guy - record was great TheWindBlower TheWindBlower
throughbeingcruel throughbeingcruel 05/10/2019 Great price on a top selection. I honestly could have bought 5/6 from him. Everything was shipped off quickly, well packaged (record and inner sleeve outside of jacket) and records and all inners/jackets were pristine. Great communication also! Top seller Paddy Paddy
mertzrock mertzrock 05/09/2019 Brilliance. Finally completed my Mercury Program collection with a few other personal items on top. Great transaction and communication! benadrylbobby benadrylbobby
marc32137 marc32137 05/08/2019 A+++++ buyer scottheisel scottheisel
scottheisel scottheisel 05/08/2019 Shipped super fast. A pleasure to work with!! marc32137 marc32137
Blahoholic Blahoholic 05/07/2019 Quick payment and clear communication, thanks! bluethumb bluethumb
mertzrock mertzrock 05/06/2019 Easy transaction and super fast shipping, thanks! Edac75 Edac75
thejesseb thejesseb 05/06/2019 Great seller. Good prices and a positive experience. Blahoholic Blahoholic
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