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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
weinerdog weinerdog 12/11/2018 no issues. smooth transaction lamontbond lamontbond
lamontbond lamontbond 12/11/2018 Outstanding! Shipped super fast at a great price. Thanks so much! weinerdog weinerdog
mertzrock mertzrock 12/10/2018 Mertz, a class act Tommy Tommy
gracetoo gracetoo 11/30/2018 Quick payment, good communication Tommy Tommy
Gvzr Gvzr 11/30/2018 Quick payment, good communication Tommy Tommy
thepunkguy thepunkguy 11/30/2018 Legendary Tommy Tommy
indianajones indianajones 11/19/2018 Great seller. Record shipped fast and packaged well. Good communication. Thanks!!! njpunkmusic njpunkmusic
EmeryRK EmeryRK 11/16/2018 Pleasure to work with. Worked out a deal on a few records, quick PayPal, very friendly and great communication Tommy Tommy
Tommy Tommy 11/16/2018 Never received a record so quickly. Ordered it one day and the next time I thought about it, it was at my house. Like...what? Mystic sorcery? Teleporatation? Does he have connections in the USPS? Probably not but, he is a great seller. Properly packaged, safe and secure. Keeps you updated on tracking. Don’t hesitate to buy from him. EmeryRK EmeryRK
youspinmeround youspinmeround 11/13/2018 AWESOME COMMUNICATION AND SHIPPING! VERY HAPPY! Would do business again! DocOcSpidey DocOcSpidey
Skeezer13 Skeezer13 11/09/2018 NM record at a great price, easy to work with and shipped quickly and packaged well. Highly recommended! Thanks! RowBearToe RowBearToe
DocOcSpidey DocOcSpidey 11/07/2018 A+ Great buyer! Immediate payment, great communication and smooth transaction. olopez6919 olopez6919
museummouth museummouth 11/06/2018 Great seller. Excellent shipping and response. Would recommend. \m/ januarytwenty januarytwenty
youspinmeround youspinmeround 11/06/2018 Great communication, fast shipping and good deal. Awesome seller! hunkswithguns hunkswithguns
njpunkmusic njpunkmusic 11/01/2018 Great communication and fast shipping. Great seller! texan4life texan4life
necroking necroking 10/30/2018 Excellent communication, fast shipping and the quality of the records is excellent. Thanks! hunkswithguns hunkswithguns
olopez6919 olopez6919 10/25/2018 oscar is the man. proxy'd the beer and record pickup for me and didnt ask for anything in return. thank you! tokimedo tokimedo
No Humans No Humans 10/25/2018 Be patient with this dude, he moves very slowly but delivers. Took two weeks between printing the shipping label and the item actually going out. Record eventually arrived in great shape though. Was very polite as well. MachoHommeRandallSauvage MachoHommeRandallSauvage
njpunkmusic njpunkmusic 10/23/2018 Easy to work with, shipped the same day, got it the next day. A+ seller! Billich0986 Billich0986
Billich0986 Billich0986 10/22/2018 Fast payment and great communication. njpunkmusic njpunkmusic
numanoid numanoid 10/19/2018 never got the items, had to open a paypal claim to get my money back hyperg1ant hyperg1ant
texan4life texan4life 10/17/2018 Great Communication and Quick Payment. Fantastic buyer. njpunkmusic njpunkmusic
Rezqua Rezqua 10/09/2018 Although seller disappeared for almost a week after I sent payment, we finally regained communication. He apologized and shipped item immediately. swsander swsander
thepunkguy thepunkguy 10/06/2018 Received payment very quickly. Looking forward to dealing with again. Thanks! Kjm23 Kjm23
thepunkguy thepunkguy 10/06/2018 Received payment very quickly. Looking forward to dealing with again. Thanks! Kjm23 Kjm23
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