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    Bongripper is repressing Terminal and reissuing The Great Barrier Reefer Terminal 2nd Pressing Info - Total of 1000 LPs 200 of Each Color Color 1- Aside/Bside: DEEP PURPLE &MUSTARD with Lots & Lots of REDish &BLOOD RED Splatter ( Guts Version ) Color 2 - Color-In-Color: BONE in BEER ( Pus Version ) Color 3 -BLOOD RED with BLACK Smoke ( Blood Version ) Color 4 - Half-N-Half: PISS YELLOW &ULTRA-CLEAR ( Piss Version ) Color 5 - Black ( Not Pictured ) The Great Barrier Reefer Pressing Info - Total of 500 DLPs 200 Half Sea Blue/Half Clear with splatter 200 of A Side/B Side Grimace Purple and Cyan Blue - with pink splatter 100 Black https://bongripper.bigcartel.com/
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    Punk Goes Acoustic Vol. 3

    no vinyl or facebook redirect links? Pass
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    Looks like the boys are back and Courtside seats is on the menu
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    Official OST and Film Score Thread

    The Midsommar OST does not disappoint. It creates a very uneasy & haunting ambience that goes beyond the feel of a horror film. It lulls you into a trance that you feel lost in.
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    Official OST and Film Score Thread

    If you’re big into horror films, we should talk more. Just sayin’.
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    Punk Goes Acoustic Vol. 3

    Where are all the "punk" bands on this?
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    Punk Goes Acoustic Vol. 3

    this series still exists??
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    PO: Freddie Gibbs & Madlib - Bandana

    VMP edition now available to non-members
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    Timecop 1983 - “Journeys” 1k Copies on 2LP, Pink vinyl First time on vinyl & Minidisc Genre defining, synthwave classic https://timeslaves.bandcamp.com/album/journeys
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    Ahha sure thing. Thanks for noticing @omik11303 super glad you’re digging it.
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    Official OST and Film Score Thread

    Midsommar OST by The Haxan Cloak is up for preorder now. 180g black vinyl.
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    Snagged that TL /200. Song is pretty massive. I feel like it’ll hold even more weight in the context of the whole album. With Departure Songs it’s hard to listen to just one song on its own. I feel like this album will be the same way. Encouraged that Derek digs the first song!
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    Video Game OSTs v2.0

    FF7 Pic Disk is up on Amazon (somehow before Japan). https://smile.amazon.com/FINAL-FANTASY-VII-REMAKE-VINYL/dp/B07TNVWQB2/?sa-no-redirect=1
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    It's not but I've never gotten more than a sticker. I do usually go retail but it's been a couple years since my last direct order
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    Holy Roar: http://www.holyroarrecords.com/products/646597-we-lost-the-sea-triumph-disaster-preorder
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    I offered the label a considerable amount of money to press EWEW a few years back (prior to Kgatlw) and was stonewalled over the course of a few months; hopefully it was for a good reason
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    Would love to see pressings of this, EWEW, and the Fuck It EP
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    I think there is a thread for this already but thanks for the heads up. For UK people, I ordered from temporary residence and they offered cheap shipping via royal mail.
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    Ben goes every year and is notoriously known for hooking the board up. I’d shoot him a PM.
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