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Record Store Days 2021 (RSD Drops are returning)

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6 hours ago, komsomol said:

Pretty dumb question but really need this one for my 16 yo daughter as New Year present - anyone seen anywhere RSD 2019 Chase & Status "No More Idols" (1LP, yellow) for an ok price? States/Europe doesn't matter. Thanks!


As for RSD BF 2020 I will get Alice in Chains "SAP" from local shop. I though for some reasions that it it is double feature with "Jar of Flies"

If you bought the AIC Jar of Flies double LP, it is included.

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Updated the thread title to make it less gross.

Imagine going on a ventilator because you have to own the soundtrack to Austin Powers on vinyl.

3 minutes ago, timsimmons said:

Wonder if the delay is for COVID reasons, or these massive production delays (which, I guess are also COVID related). 


Either way, June is a way better time to line up outside a record store than mid April. 

Was to be expected after the push back of this years, gives a little more planning time for stores and organizers. And totally agree on the queuing! 

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  • timsimmons changed the title to RSD 2020 is dead! Long Live Record Store Day 2021 (June 12th)
6 hours ago, OneThreeOneTwo said:

Anyone still looking for Grandaddy? Juno has it in stock. They're usually reliable. Let's see what happens!



Yeah in the UK Grandaddy wasn't a BF title just a regular PO and stores ended up getting them today, so Juno will have them in hand. Just got notification that my order was ready at my local.

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Looks like Richard Hell 'Destiny Street Demos' is coming for RSD 2021.  I want to hear all of these different versions because the og mix is just alright.




'Besides containing the three faithful versions of the album, the 40th anniversary 2-CD deluxe edition of Destiny Street includes not only Hell’s detailed liner notes, but a fourth LP’s worth of demos and prior studio versions of the album’s material—essentially all of Richard’s songwriting output recorded between the release of Blank Generation in 1977 and the recording of Destiny Street in 1981—including some of the best playing and singing in the four-part Complete—called Destiny Street Demos.

And for Record Store Day 2021, Omnivore Recordings will proudly offer this special material on its own stand-alone vinyl LP.'

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  • timsimmons changed the title to Record Store Day 2021 (June 12th)

I always miss record store day. I was really, REALLY gonna do it last year, but then the lockdowns happened. 

I refuse to go into any store with a mask on, but I'll give it a shot this year and, hopefully, sanity will have returned to the brick and mortar retail world - and I'll be able to participate in RSD.

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13 minutes ago, craigeduk said:

Well FUCK YOU then! Hope you miss RSD again

Well, I've survived without it so far.  But most stores will let me in without a mask. It's not really an issue.


BTW, this year I did a lot of driving around the US. I like to collect "record store branded" turntable mats. I got one in Waco Texas, Dallas Texas, Seattle Washington, Chicago Illinois, Indianapolis Indiana and Nashville Tennessee. I did have to wear a mask going into one store, but was able to take it off once I got inside. I stopped at dozens of gas stations, typically Loves and Pilot. Never had to wear one. Nobody said anything. 


The US may take this differently than the UK. It's pretty harmless to those of us outside nursing homes.

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  • timsimmons changed the title to Record Store Days 2021 (RSD Drops are returning)

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