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Saosin - Translating The Name (A "Dark Mode" Theme Appreciation Thread)

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On 11/23/2022 at 12:28 PM, prowl20 said:

Just got my copy in. 

They mailed it in an envelope and my heart sank. Inside that envelope was a mailer, so crisis averted. Seemed unnecessary but whatever 

This is EXACTLY how mine showed up and we had really bad rain yesterday, and since the envelope is bigger than my mailbox it was left on my porch. Came home and the bottom was soaked, but luckily the actual mailer and actual record were completely dry. 

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So here's the email I received back when people first reported getting them and I specifically asked them if they were giving updates or notifying when shipped because people were already getting them.  


"they are shipping as quickly as we are able to. tracking will automatically be emailed to you when your order ships"





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16 minutes ago, Derek™ said:

The photos on Discogs looks pretty teal to me.  Do you suppose they used a filter or something?

I messed around with this after I received mine, since some photos online looked more green than teal, and others looked more teal/blue than green.


It totally depended on the amount of light in the photo in relation to the record, and then how your camera captures it. Holding it in my hands I would say it looked green, and then my photo came out far more teal looking. It's all just the optics. 

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