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    WTB: O' Brother records

    http://boards.vinylcollective.com/index.php?/forum/5-saletradewants/ check out that forum. not being a dick, just saying - probably get more looks. AND IT BELONGS IN THAT SECTION!! !
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    Yea im looking forward to this Gallows album. I thought the EP was pretty awesome. Before I saw that Pure Love music video I was really excited for that but not so much anymore.
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    glass realms

    Recent purchases

    Just got back from vacation in Portland. From 2nd Avenue Records All - Trailblazer - LP All - Percolator - LP From Bach n' Rock (in Astoria) Blink-182 - Enema of the State - CASSETTE Blink-182 - Take Off Your Pants and Jacket - CASSETTE Morrissey - Viva Hate - CASSETTE Robbie Williams - Ego Has Landed, The - CASSETTE From Everyday Music Rush - Clockwork Angels - Double LP Smashing Pumpkins - Oceania - Double LP From Green Noise Records The Cry! - The Cry! - CD Deep Sleep - You're Screwed - Green Vinyl 7" Single /400 Deep Sleep - Manic Euphoria - Orange Vinyl 7" Single /300 Deep Sleep - Paranoid Futures - 7" Single /700 The Haverchucks - The Haverchucks - CASSETTE Urusei Yatsura - Fake Fur - White Vinyl 10" Single Young Governor - First Three, The/Live on a Boat - CASSETTE From Hot Topic (Washington Square) Deftones - Around the Fur - Orange Vinyl 7" Single /2000 From Jackpot! Records Elvis Costello - Neat, Neat, Neat/Stranger in the House - 7" Single The Dirtbombs/Davila 666 - Secret Code/Alverez - 7" Single The Flip Tops - Fliptops are Still A Band - LP The New Original Sonic Sound - New Original Sonic Sound, The - LP Jack Oblivian and the Tennessee Tearjerkers/ Mannequin Men - Lone Ranger of Love, The/Sally - 7" Single The Skabbs - Idle Threat - LP Various Artists/Senseless Things - Shape of Things to Hum, The - 7" Single (x2) Beach Fossils/Wild Nothing - Gruesome Flowers: A Tribute to the Wake - 7" Single Blouse/Craft Spells - Gruesome Flowers: A Tribute to the Wake - Clear Vinyl 7" Single From Music Millenium Mastodon - Remission - Double LP Night Birds - Night Birds e.p. - 7" Single Wild Weekend - Don't Push Me Around/Wimp - 7" Single Wild Weekend - Black & White/Cosmetic Couple - 7" Single From Sonic Recollections Ritchie Valens - Ritchie Valens/Ritchie - LP (x2) From the band (saw them at the Kenton Club) The Satin Chaps - Might I Suggest The Satin Chaps - LP The New Piccadillys - Judy is a Punk - Yellow Vinyl 7" Single/100
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    WTB: Listener - Wooden Heart

    PM'ed. Don't spend more than $14 on this.
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    PO: Circa Survive - Violent Waves

    Best part about it is past Circa related work incorporated into it (OLG ballons, Juturna 1st pressing vinyl tree, BSN deluxe edition horse, B-sides house).
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    an ex from buffalo. which he has never met in real life. that he constantly hits on. dated for a year, shit went south. end of story. drammaa drammaa. i just want my seahaven.
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    Thread needs even more elitism. I'm glad the OP can deliver.
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    PO: Circa Survive - Violent Waves

    It's your money. That package does sound pretty sweet though. If I could afford it I would buy.
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    PO: Circa Survive - Violent Waves

    gold jacket, green jacket, who gives a shit. asking $250 for it is ridiculous
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    Anything I ever want to see is 3 hours away as the Twin Cities are 3 hours south of Duluth. That's when bands actually decide to tour through MN (or Milwaukee/Madison for a 6-7 hours drive). I feel your pain man.
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    Homegrown- Act Your Age/Discussion

    Here's a good read with the lead singer of Home Grown on the 10th anniversary of Kings of Pop, where the band is now, and how Jesus Christ saved his life. http://www.alterthepress.com/2012/06/ten-years-on-home-grown.html
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    I've been waiting for a B&C headliner. 8-9 songs... not enough.
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    This band absolutely rules.
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    Drunk records

    so whens the VC whisky party?
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    MLB Discussion

    fixed. clown statement?
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    This is truly stupid.
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    PO: Circa Survive - Violent Waves

    The records aren't even filled with liquid or being released in the air via balloon first. Screw that.
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    Ballin, I've been listening to the remaster today and I am excited!
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    I got this too. It looks incredible and sounds even better. Pics for those with doubts. The green turned out different than I thought it would be.
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    PO: Circa Survive - Violent Waves

    Hot damn! Those prices are crazy!!!
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    This a thousand times! I have Silence In Black and White, but I'm super bummed that this wasn't pressed. RIP Casey
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    I am actually asking sony about this one, this week. Would alot of people be into a repress of this?
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    +/- about your day

    + Wu-Tang bagel for breakfast. Today gonna be good.
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    Well that's just like your opinion man, Edit: Also impossible for it to be bottom 5 considering Daisy is 11 tracks.
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    It's been said numerous times, but it can't be said enough:
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