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Blink-182 - California (Out Now!)

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1 minute ago, jonnywreck said:

It's kind of silly that it's cheaper to order this and have it shipped from Europe than it is to order stateside.  Eh, they'll inevitably drop those shipping prices on the blink store.

I was just checking the price and found that pretty funny as well.  If they showed a picture of the Banquet one I might cancel the US order.

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4 hours ago, himynameisShane said:

I really like those colors, but not for that price. I'll be fine with the black or black/pink marble.


I feel like I need a Hot Topic Splatter just to keep the collection going...

@STILLUNDERGROUND any word on a possible HT variant?

Clear with surf green and black splatter would be cool.

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Being the variant collecting moron I am I bought that pop-up collection and the pink/black marble from Amazon UK. Lord help me if/when the HT variant gets announced...

21 minutes ago, Plumhead89 said:

Does anybody know if the retail variant is also "pop-up", or is that exclusive to the store?

Pop-up is exclusive to the Blink store.

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Christ al-fucking-mighty.  I love Blink enough to buy most everything (Dude Ranch and after, though I should probably pick up Cheshire Cat at some point, don't care to ever have Buddha), but I have more duplicates for this band than any other.  Bought Hot Topic splatter of most of them (aside from Greatest Hits, and whatever was put out for Cheshire and Buddha), but What's My Age Again? on Enema was edited, so when the SRC deluxe came out, I grabbed that, then when the SRC deluxe Dude Ranch came out, I went ahead and got it because it's my favorite Blink record.  Got California on Amazon, but then went to a show, got drunk and bought the "Tour Exclusive" record, which turned out to be leftover white, not the tour exclusive color, and now I'm going to buy California a third time. I've gotta sell some of this shit. 

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