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  2. Hope songbook lp will be available separate later
  3. FS: Tigers Jaw Bundle $23

  4. The Vinyl Deals Thread (non-Amazon)

    get_importcds on EBay is having their regular "20% off $60 sale), with free shipping. I think I paid $50 plus shipping for my Simple Minds originally ... Some cool recent titles include: Beck's new 'Colors' album on red ($17.99 BEFORE discount) Ani DiFranco 'Binary ($11.14 BEFORE discount) Train 'Does Led Zeppelin II' ($11.57 BEFORE discount) Simple Minds 'Big Music LIVE' 2-LP on Red Wax (former RSD) ($9.58 BEFORE discount) Olafur Arnalds 'For Now I Am' ($11.98 BEFORE discount) ImportCDs sale on Ebay
  5. PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    The Looney Tunes order I placed last night shipped this morning. If I end up with two copies I have a couple buddies who'll want it so it's what evs.
  6. Today
  7. The Third Man Records Thread

    THANK YOU for posting this! I have a REALLY nice cassette deck, want to hear that live show on the flip, and just LOVE that "alternate cover." Ordered instantly
  8. Use the password “NEW15” for 15% off at PopMarket.
  9. NHL Discussion

    This season i'm trying to raise $5 and run 1KM for every Leafs goal for the hockey charity You Can Play. If you want to follow or even donate check it out: Fundraiser: https://chimp.net/groups/run-over-the-buds Twitter: https://twitter.com/RunOverTheBuds
  10. PO: Bell Witch-Mirror Reaper 10/20

    If anyone, anywhere has any of the three blue variants - I want to buy one from you. I don't care how much shipping will be. I got a good sum of money with your name on it if you're interested in selling as I absolutely love this album and hate I missed out on the preorders. Hit me up.
  11. I don’t get the joke but it has helped me afford a bunch of new shit in the mail lately!
  12. This should arrive today. Very stoked. Much excite.
  13. PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    Yeah, that's where mine is coming from too. No big, I'm sure it'll get here one day.
  14. Same, mine says arriving by Nov 2. Worth the extra wait for the good price I got it for.
  15. Yeah, I have that feeling too especially reading this: Due to the popularity of the upcoming "Eternal Kingdom" vinyl reissue, we are delighted to be bringing back the first two albums from Sweden's Cult Of Luna on vinyl as well. Earache is a great label and released a lot of big albums in the past but nowdays is basically only active for re-pressing/re-releasing records over and over again, which is not necessarily a bad thing, they make OOP records available again and this is great.
  16. Yeah and it's been delayed until November.
  17. I love this band and i tried to buy alle the 3 splits, but 21$ for the record and 45$ for the shipping to Europe is too much....
  18. You mean colour vinyl version? UK/EU only got black copies as far as I'm aware.
  19. I'm hoping for an Eyes Like The Sky reissue.
  20. Currently in the UK: is there a store over here which still has the indie one in stock?
  21. The concept of someone flipping multiple copies of a Foo Fighters LP in 2017 is really fucking funny if you stop and truly think about it.
  22. Mine shipped from Amazon UK today (I locked in a great presale price) and I can't wait to get it.
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