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  2. Word.
  3. Recently i falled in love for this record and i can't stop listening:
  4. This straight from the horse´s mouth?
  5. Good to see you dusted.
  6. Today
  7. That's like saying McDonald's has taken it upon themselves to decide what people are allowed to eat if they took roaches off the menu lol. McDonald's is a business you don't have to eat there if they don't serve the roaches you're looking for. They've decided the revenue lost by roach lovers is easily negated by the people who want to eat at a place that doesn't serve roaches on the menu.
  8. Yeah, I just got the email too. Least it's not 2026!
  9. My dad wants this (TYPICAL), so thanks for the heads up! Not sure if you've missed out a load of info on this or it got mangled in formatting, but it's around the £70 mark depending where you look, although it went up for less originally though :-/ Norman (cheapest?) (love the description) Amazon: (more info up here) This site seems to compare prices and will hook up anyone outside UK: Probs going to wait until around Christmas when it'll get discounted.
  10. Splatter looks rad.....ordered that as well.....up to date again except for the 7" book......Thats going to hurt purchasing hahaha
  11. Thanks so much! She sounds like a mix of Barnett and Baker. Sounds great!
  12. One colleague that owns a music magazine has listened to the album. He said that is probably the worst album til date from FF. Probably 'Run' is the only track that can be considered a single in there. We'll see...
  13. Vinyl (20 Oct. 2017) Deluxe Edition edition Number of Discs: 5 Format: Box set Label: UNASSIGNED ASIN: B073Z9DRFQ
  14. Was hoping GF would have the other variant, seeing the band confirmed 2 variants... Hopefully it pops up soon. Cool touch that both Anthony & Nate are doing guest vocals on this
  15. This Ding Dong didn't take the time to use the drop down menu because I already ordered from bandcamp. Should've done some better homework before posting a lazy reply. Ding Dong Out
  16. Purchased friday, just so i don't forget & it sells out... lots of pre orders this week damn!
  17. Slugging my way through RE5 still. I remember kind of enjoying it when it came out, but it's terrible. Not a fan at all. Already sorta getting sick of my PS4 I just bought, and am thinking about selling it. Any cheapish game recommendations?
  18. Damn. Waste is one of my favorite tracks next to In The Water. But to each their own. Also love 147 and Out of Mana.
  19. I'm not sure how I've never seen this thread before. I've just been sharing these in the "Albums That Should Be Pressed On Vinyl" thread. Anyways, here ya go:
  20. I just thought it was kinda cheesy and I've heard a lot of songs like it before. The latter point isn't necessarily a bad thing, but I think it compounds with the cheese. Yeah, I've got a girlfriend I've been seeing for a long time and yeah I love her very much, but even if the song is relatable I can't help but roll my eyes a bit. Quick edit: I think it speaks numbers about the quality of the album that everyone has a different favorite & least favorite
  21. Seether - Disclaimer
  22. Love the intro/outro tracks. I think the only weak songs are Waste (just seems a little unremarkable) and No Control for the same reason despite channeling some nice Deja/YFW vibes. Desert is a little weird, doesn't sound like something I'd expect from them, but great in the context of the album and killer guitar playing. Not quite as good as Devil and God but definitely phenomenal.
  23. To each his own. It seems like an entirely inefficient way to listen to music from a band you like but if that's your game, enjoy.
  24. What was that again? My memory needs to be refreshed, I guess. 2 week countdown. Let's go.
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