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  4. I hope you're feeling better!
  5. According to a comment, it should be on the MxPx website on July 6th.
  6. Yeah, except for white and maybe black they were all transparent. Maybe that's what will set the 3rd pressing apart since it has the slip case?
  7. I do not love, nor do I admire, $39.99 plus shipping.
  8. No one knows what the packaging of the TF:D1 is going to be. There's been zero tease on the packaging or anything from the NIN camp at all.
  9. Is deviations a box? I mean the actual packaging... seems like 4 Lps needs to be packed in some big heavy and I'm hoping it's not just a super thick regular ass sleeve
  10. The original sets were translucent color, right? The listing says solid color. I wonder if that's a mistake.
  11. raspberry pi saves you the inevitable stress and/or disappointment of trying to get one of those. nintendo royally fucked up w/ the NES classic, and i'm betting this will be even worse.
  12. Interesting
  13. My copy is fine. I definitely wouldn't say that it's a great pressing, but it sounds good to my ears. A poster in the original thread for the anniversary edition stated that he thought the RTI 180G pressing sounded better, but I agree with your question about why this hasn't been pressed onto a double LP yet. I really love the second record with the demos and B-sides.
  14. Yes. I'm working as fast as I can to ship the remaining orders. Patience is greatly appreciated as I am just one person doing everything myself.
  15. Will the rest be shipped soon?
  16. It's their OG logo. These have started shipping. If you got a shipping notification email, your record will be in USPS's wonderful (lol) care shortly. I was hit with an upper respiratory infection after returning home from Philadelphia, so most orders were packed and sat in my living room as I didn't leave my house for several days.
  17. Got my shipping notification for Deviations. I ordered BTF with it. Any chance I'm going to receive that now?
  18. Stoked on this. Not stoked on the price.
  19. yeah, gimme Bronx III and Bullet Treatment w/ Matt on vocals instead.
  20. Ordered from sound of vinyl. Great to finally own this.
  21. Soul Crusher is in the box, so I already have that. I got the green wax, but the black is $80 I think via Numero Group. That's a great deal.
  22. I've been singing that song for years! Lol Super Sexy would fuckin kill too. But that Soul Crusher? I'm in...
  23. What was it that you didn't like about The Bad Batch? I don't know when I'll watch it, but I have been looking forward to it.
  24. You'll be glad you have them.
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