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  2. Faucet


    ive received both of these records. the LE editions are delayed probably due to the tour.
  3. Today
  4. Those looking at the Two Towers complete recordings box, sound stage direct has a 25% off coupon this weekend only LP25. Comes to $89.
  5. rcafilm

    PO Dead Poetic New Medicines

    The good news is most of this doesn't sound nearly as bad as I expected. The bad news is Molotov does, and A Hoax To Live For doesn't sound too hot either. Friggin IGD. I would agree that there's overall a thinness to the quality, but I wouldn't say it's entirely void of bass. In my opinion, it's not going to blow any socks off, but it's also not a waste to buy.
  6. We all would love it. Its just a numbers game, really. If there would have been a bigger response to Horses Galloping, or they would have been in a position to tour behind it, it would have been a greater possibility. But the necessity of dealing with Hopeless and investing money just keeps it being something that would be cool to do.
  7. I will transfer for $190 just so I can justify buying for the night before in Berkeley.
  8. AWasteOfATime

    WTB: Make Do and Mend

    I have it on Clear. PM me an offer.
  9. bungie

    The Weezer Thread

    My guess it's completely sold out because everyone busts nuts over Pinkerton. I ordered a copy, but haven't gotten any emails about it being cancelled.
  10. No This Is Patrick

    The STAR WARS Thread

    Had low expectations... but it was actually really good!
  11. Velocity of Sound


    I don’t know, but I’m fed up with Pikes Services. April 16 they said shipping on Roller Coaster and Decaying Parchment would ship “in a couple weeks”. Guess what. Bullshit. The lack of communication with them is criminal.
  12. I actually like the cover... pre-ordered back when it was only 200 still. Could care less about the print, but $12 shipped was real nice. Hopefully there's still plans for a full album this year. Now if there was only a way we could get a 7" of their "Still Fly" cover
  13. youspinmeround

    Memorial Day Sale- 20% off

  14. Yesterday
  15. I’m actually upset this exists. Holy fuck this is terrible.
  16. PookdaddyG

    PO (Soon): Damien Rice - O

    Mine doesn’t say yet. All I get when it comes to info is that the purchase originates from Ireland.
  17. The red is indie exclusive and it says the color on the hype sticker so it shouldnt be that confusing to figure out what you have in your hand
  18. welp that’s 3 mins of my life I’m never getting back
  19. Would love all three PiL box sets they have listed but looks like that would run well over $500 before postage. Collecting vinyl: sure it’s impractical and hard to store, but at least it’s expensive too!!
  20. The Ghost of Randy Savage

    Stoner/ Doom Metal Discussion Thread

    It would obviously be called Wizardwave, and I'm into it.
  21. Lol the first decent music they release in years is a Julien Baker cover. Also the way Mike sings “sink” at the very end is terrible.
  22. Canuckle

    PO NOW: Why? - Alopecia (Reissue - Multiple Variants)

    Amazing album, but like others I will stick with my OG until I hear good news about this pressing. The OG pressing has its warts but I've learned my lesson by jumping on reissues (especially multi-colour ones) that don't deliver on the 'upgrade'.
  23. Canuckle

    PO Now: Liars - 1/1 OST

    Really interested in this given it's during their 'Mess' days. Would love to hear more first though.
  24. TheArtThief


    "We expect to receive Inbred Mountain very soon. Live at Bucketheadland is still in production. Buckethead Pikes Service" Dang, I wonder what's keeping Live at Bucketheadland in production
  25. Nope. And I was really hoping to have this when I see them on the 8th. Still a chance, but not looking good.
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