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    It's not cute or artsy anymore to just put plain art on vinyl labels without a clue or legend to which side it is - and also the speed of the record. You don't have to put megadetails like the old school black vinyl, but a simple "A" and "45rpm" would be nice. #petpeeve #lame #pms
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    Welcome to Pop Up Ad Collective, THE premier place to view pop up advertisements for everything in your browser history - whether you want to or not!
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    lol @ people trying to trade/sell rare records because a repress is coming.
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    Kevin, you're such a disease.
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    Working on new darker Themes... Stay tuned!
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    The Butcha

    RIP VC

    RIP VC
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    needing an ad-block blocker blocker
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    you played the flute, but no one was dancing
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    Red Animal War - Black Phantom Crusades (Out Dec 23 via Field Day Records)!
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    Help. I keep finding bands I need records of....I have a problem.
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    Ready to set them all on fire.
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    Well, it lasted 48 hrs - not a single order or preorder outstanding First time since 2011. It felt good actually. Just caved on the new Junius, and grabbing all the Kindling stuff thanks to @jonrawks
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    Need to get a squatty potty for work. Shit's just not the same.
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    So Dr. I've decided to finally join in on this thingy. That way I can Keep up to date. Diego
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    Orgy/PM5K this Sunday, Cloud Cult next Friday, A Perfect Circle in April...looks like the only thing that can musically make this year any better is a new tool album...
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    Down to 3 pending preorders! Will I ever make it to zero? Set and Setting is tempting me...
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    At least most of us can count on a few Rock Against Trump comps? Ehh
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    Looking for a copy of Nothing's Tired of Tomorrow on /500 deluxe with picture disc. Also interested in the Applebee's variant.
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    The emp red Vinyl is 300 copies (you can read it at the German EMP) and the grey one from the nuclear.de as well. The exclusive nuclear Wooden Box says 1000 copies at the European website and 2000 at the US website (either 1000+2000 or 2000 in total). The other box set will be possibly 20000 copies cause its available almost everywhere.
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    why hasn't Damien Rice's O been released on vinyl yet? i think its safe to say that he could put together a box set for $1,000 and i'd buy it. #amiright
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    looking to buy car seat headrest's 'teens of denial' on vinyl me please's yellow vinyl
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    They fixed your brain when you were young
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    I was sitting on the bus one day when my clone sat down next to me. I was beside myself.
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    Here is the link from my Dropbox. Enjoy! https://www.dropbox.com/s/cklntu41dv1dll1/%5BEPIC%20IEM%5D%20Tool%20Live%20Charlotte%202016%20%28Full%20Concert%29.wav?dl=0 Setlist: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1ymc5y0ao9hllbh/Tool%20Live.docx?dl=0
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    Cajun gator wrestlers are the backbone of America's economy.
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    Hi! sorry for the delay, this is the file link for the show https://www.dropbox.com/s/efz2gn401y6tr96/Tool%20Live%20%20Fitchburg%2C%20MA.wav?dl=0
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    bring back the Zespoke thread, what the fuck.
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    'New Members' will need 1 Moderator approved item and they will become 'Members' automatically.
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    Anyone having issues viewing the site on your mobile device?
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    Happy Star Wars Day, from one nerd to another!
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    Blue theme will be back in a few minutes
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    I'll stay optimistic and not judge the new site for another few days...
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    Still waiting for a reply of the items I bought, it has been almost a month...
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    Halo 2

    Someone sell me Demon Days

    Someone sell me Demon Days
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    Cult Of Luna Represses and PIG Destroyer and TDEP OH MY!
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    thanks for being rude

    thanks for being rude
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    Halo 2

    Got my Burn the witch 7''!

    Got my Burn the witch 7''!
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