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John Boik

VINYL ROCKS 1955-2016

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Vinyl Rocks is the perfect vinyl book gift (sold on eBay only starting in November). It's the historical reference rock LP guide that features 326 pages of over 1,200 color photos covering 60+ years of nostalgic memories - a must have for the rock LP collector.

The price is $25.00 to have the entire colorful history of rock LPs in the palm of your hand. LP covers and labels and interesting facts concerning each LP - the perfect gift for the rock music LP lover.

Check out the 1 minute video below:

And the eBay link



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Vinyl Rocks - or "V-Rox" to his closest friends - died today at the age of 61.


The cause of death is unknown, but the body was found on the floor in a pool of tri-color splatter. 


Mr. Rocks leaves behind his wife "Cassy Tape" and sons "M. P. Three" "Spotonomous Jones aka Spotify" and a bastard child "Crosley."


Donations can be made to Unknown Pleasures c/o this post. 


The family has asked for well wishes and quiet prayer in this time of mourning. Also, that Trump thing.



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Hey gang,


Beginning this month, I'll be selling a beautiful coffee table format book collecting all of the stupid fucking VC first posts into one cringeworthy volume!


Log onto eBay, keyword "fuck off rocks."

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