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Kanye West

PO SOON: Childish Gambino - ...Awaken, My Love!

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This new song is so fucking good. I'm loving the mix of neo soul, and contemporary r&b. This is really, really promising. SO EXCITED! Anyone else getting a feel of 20/20 Experience from this track, or is it just me? Haha. (Which I'm totally down with.)

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damn, gambino is one of the few artists that is constantly going different directions musically and none of it is a train wreck. Listening to this with no knowledge you would never guess this is the same artist from previous efforts which is about as much of a compliment I can give considering how many other artists fail miserably. I do not do a ton of pre-orders but this will be an easy blind buy.


I can see some 20/20 experience similarities as well! I think Timbaland's production was a bit more clean and polished though and I do not mean that as a bad thing for either project. I also got an alabama shakes vibe from it as well! I am very curious how the album will sound as a whole because that is another thing gambino does so well is make a complete album experience which more artists used to do but it seems like so many today just throw a bunch of tracks together.

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Just keeping tracks of the various demos, Camp, and Internet in the back of my mind as I listen to this repeatedly is really showing me how much he has progressed, and continued to develop over the years. He is always keeping us guessing, and seeing what he'll do next. I really admire and respect that. We aren't getting another repeat, but something completely new. God damn I'm so excited for this.

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14 minutes ago, B-dosia said:

This is coming out soon, like December right? all in on this

12/2 with vinyl coming next year. 




Me and Your Mama

Have Some Love







Baby boy

The Night Me and Your Mama Met

Stand Tall


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4 minutes ago, ethereal said:

I could see VMP doing something like this

I'm hoping for multiple variants. Maybe VMP, indie (Bullmoose), and a retail (maybe 180g black). Also hoping they don't do a huge book so I don't have to pay an arm and a leg for it. Hoping Camp and BTI get reissues as well.

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