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The Mondo Records Thread - Exploring the etymology of erotic expansion.

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Time to Batdance.


Don't know why people didn't bother asking Mondo about Alien or if they will be continuing working with Konami to release their other games' soundtracks to be released. *pleads for MGS boxset* 

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2 hours ago, clerk3745 said:

To be fair, its not completely out of the realm of possibilities for them to press the Prince record with the score. They did do Guardians of the Galaxy and Prince does appear on the score. https://www.discogs.com/Danny-Elfman-Batman-Original-Motion-Picture-Score/release/426722

The soundtrack is already being repressed this year by WB Records. Now that I think about it it was supposed to come out back in October. I'll dig more

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On 3/9/2017 at 7:06 PM, FiggyPuddling said:

Did anyone ask anything about when we can expect the Silent Hill soundtrack during their Reddit AMA?

When I was looking through it I didn't notice anyone who asked about it. I would have definitely asked about it if I could have caught it going on. I've been dying to know when they were going to expect it to be available. It's been a year since they teased it, right?

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