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PO Now: Green Day - Father Of All Motherfuckers

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On 9/15/2019 at 4:10 PM, gutterball1 said:

26 minute album?  that is barely an EP.  im pretty sure I have a maxi CD single with a longer run time than this album.  lol :D

nobody tell this dude about hardcore his head might explode

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Well I'll be... after the initial shock wore off from hearing the new sound I found out that this is a tight little album. I wanted to hate it because it's a different type of sound for Green Day. But I can't because its actually pretty solid and is actually somewhat more gritty than their last few records. 


This may or may not be a helpful anecdote but in my opinion this is way way better than the blink182 right turn last year. That Nine record was way too glossy and pop this new Green Day one really feels like they just wanted to make some rock and roll. It's sort of like that and sort of rockabilly or whatever but the tunes are pretty solid and don't overstay their welcome. 


Kinda bummed I missed the pinwheel. 

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