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best/worst customer service from a distro/label?

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On 7/12/2021 at 1:16 AM, Shitty Rambo said:

UPDATE: so I ended up opening a PayPal dispute cause I don't even want the damn record at this point, now they're actually offering to help but only if I close the dispute first 😂

This has happened to me too. Smaller labels have left me on radio silence after many messages, but once I open the dispute they suddenly respond. They’ve also tried the ‘I can only help you after you’ve closed the dispute’ which is just ridiculous and incorrect. You can help me right now, actually. And when you make it right, I’ll end the dispute. Nah, they don’t like that. 🤷‍♂️

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How dare you ask that a label do anything right, be like dave grohl and get butt pumped.

With the exception of maybe the Bossk record, you sound like the worst type of customer there could be. You emailed over split inner sleeves?! Honestly, that CoL/JC collar was packaged great from Ind

Would you waltz into the library of congress or the Antiques Road Show: Vinyl Edition with seam splits on your generic sleeves?  Not if you wanted to walk out of there with an official gold-foil stamp

Had a really great experience with Southern Lord. Managed to get one of the Engine Kid boxsets online, sent over to New Zealand, but found issues with two of the discs. Southern Lord as the label are sending me two new discs, with no charge, all the way over here - even refused me offering to help pay for shipping. So great, big recommendation for them.

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