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    I'm hearing rumors that the band signed to Hopeless Records. Did a quick google search and they are now listed under Hopeless Records' Merch Now account. I also found a link that lists Hopeless as the label for Blue Sky Noise (Repress Soon?!). New music has to be imminent. Anthony was playing some in the background of his Instagram story today. Merch Now - http://hopelessrecords.merchnow.com/catalogs/circa-survive/music Blue Sky Noise listing - https://us.napster.com/artist/circa-survive/album/blue-sky-noise-hopeless-records-inc EDIT: Hopeless uploaded the music videos for Get Out and Imaginary Enemy to their youtube account. They definitely bought the rights to BSN!
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    PO: Vince Staples - Big Fish Theory

    it blows my mind how much he spent on production just to have the final product pressed to a picture disc... this album is too well-produced for that really hoping for a normal release because this album is great
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    Well, you did quote WinylWario...
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    10 year bump....10 years!
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    Radiohead: Ok Computer Oknotok 1997 2017 (Limited) [Winyl] blue LPAmazon blue 3 Starting at $40 from several Amazon sellers
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    PO: Vince Staples - Big Fish Theory

    Homage and Bagbak are so good. The entire album is so good.
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    Touché Amore - Stage Four 9/16/16

    Thanks for the heads up, I didn't end up buying from CC but it did put me on the hunt for this and I ended up getting it at Jet for $25 with a coupon. Glad I ended up waiting for this!
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    Thanks but I already placed my order. I'm in Europe so I get free shipping in orders over 80 euro!
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    Did anyone else catch their Glastonbury performance tonight? What I would've done to be in the crowd that was an amazing performance. CoS has a replay of a professional stream for those that missed and want to check it out: https://consequenceofsound.net/2017/06/radioheads-glastonbury-setlist-was-absolutely-perfect-watch/
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    bucketheadpikes.com/albino_slug_vinyl.html The Album Formerly Known as "Albino Slug" Vinyl Edition Pre Order Featuring a new title, new artwork, and re-recordings of "Redeem Team" and "Siege Engine". Available as Limited Edition, Signed, or Standard Edition Limited Edition Includes: -Signed and Numbered Album Cover -DVD featuring a 5 minute live performace unique to each order. Your choice of "Redeem Team" or "Siege Engine". -Exclusive signed 8x10 photo -Signed 11x17 poster -Exclusive sticker Signed Edition Includes: -Signed and Numbered Album Cover
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    The Official 'Vinyl Me, Please' thread.

    Where did they post that Interpol / NYC video? If this is a repress of Our Love To Admire by Interpol I'll sign up right away.
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    I'm guessing there's a EU pressing and a US pressing. Here is the cassette tracklisting in case anyone was wondering (Record collector magazine posted a review and broke down the tape). SIDE A:01: Miscellaneous studio noise snippets (7 minutes)02: Let Down (alt version - acoustic guitars, double tracked vocals)03: NEW SONG04: Miscellaneous studio noise snippets05: Motion Picture Soundtrack (early version - piano and vocal)06: A reading (Climbing Up The Walls lyrics - read by a young girl)07: Karma Police (studio session, work on the chorus)08: A reading (Short story - read by 'Fitter Happier' voice)09: No Surprises (acoustic, alternative lyrics)10: Talk Show Host (alt version - stripped back, alternative lyrics)SIDE B:01: Climbing Up The Walls (early version)02: Paranoid Android (Development - rough demos/soundboard recordings of various sections)03: Airbag (alt version - early lyrics, bare bones)04: Big Ideas/Nude (early version)05: The National Anthem (early version)
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    Le Gogh

    Video Game OSTs v2.0

    I will definitely be picking that up! Love me a bit of classic Sonic. I think the key to remember with this release is if they do it well, that may convince Sega to allow other Sonic releases. I mean I would immediately buy a sonic 1, 2, 3, and Knuckles box set.
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    So this came out last year but I am late to find out. Real excited to have more music from Ian Metzger, who was the singer in Dear and the Headlights; my fav local band to come out of here besides JEW. Sound is very akin to DATH and the album is solid as all get out. No vinyl available but cd available and the whole album is on Bandcamp and Spotify. Well worth checking out if you are unfamiliar. Viva Phoenix! https://porchpartyrecords.bandcamp.com/album/the-gentle-hits
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    Touché Amore - Stage Four 9/16/16

    CCmusic has the deluxe of this for 33 and change. Could be a good deal with their usual coupon. http://www.ccmusic.com/stage-four/045778749218
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    Louisville, KY trip

    I apologize for not being providing a helpful answer but I just wanna give your 16,666 post a shout out.
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    Touché Amore - Stage Four 9/16/16

    Secured VIP tix for the Margate show. Not missing this for nothing!
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    https://quaeschningschnauss.bandcamp.com/album/synthwaves-2 I'd jump on this ASAP. Only 250 total. ~42PPD shipped to the USA for the record and the bonus 10" with vinyl exclusive tracks. I heard a track or two and it's some of the most gorgeous shit ever. But from anything Schnauss touches, I'm not surprised.
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