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PO: Hum - Electra 2000/You'd Prefer An Astronaut/Downward Is Heavenward/Inlet colored vinyl reissues

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To anyone who missed the bundle option, placing a second order, etc. — generally, Polyvinyl is A+++ with customer service issues. I would bet if you just drop them an email and mentioned you missed the bundle option or whatever, they'd rectify it and refund you the difference (or cancel your original order and have you re-order). They're good people.

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for convenience, sure.  for sound quality, absolutely not.  and sound quality is going to win each and every time from my perspective.  especially knowing how meticulous Matt and company are when it comes to putting out top notch quality and the music as it's intended to be listened to.

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19 minutes ago, Just Us said:

If someone find european distribution except Polyvinyl UK please post it here.


To order Inlet from them at release was a pain in the ass. They packed records like beginners and I received damaged sleeves 2 times.

If you are ok with black devil dog distro is carrying them

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21 minutes ago, Just Us said:

Thanks. You know if they use proper record mailers?

i have never ordered from them but they are ran by a big vinyl nerd and iodine, no sleep, triple b, daze, spartan wouldn't have exclusive uk/eu distro rights to them otherwise. 

But as both the black and color presses are not limited I think when we are approaching december the black ones will be basically everywhere where retail vinyl is sold.

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Email I received the other day about the preorder: 


We are writing to share an update regarding your Hum pre-order.

With the intended ship date of December 8th approaching, we unfortunately have not yet received everything we need to fulfill orders. All of the vinyl has been pressed, but a couple of variants are in the process of being assembled and then need to be shipped to our office.

In light of this delay, we are adjusting the pre-order ship date to Friday, December 22; however, as more stock arrives we will be continuing to ship out orders daily and hope to get most packages sent out sooner.

We know that you are eager to receive your items and assure you that we are doing everything we can to get them in your hands as quickly as possible.

On behalf of Hum & all of us at Polyvinyl, thank you so much for your patience and enthusiasm!

-Chris / Polyvinyl

P.S. If you need to adjust your shipping address, please do not respond to this e-mail, but instead complete this form so that we can process your change more efficiently. (Also note that we are not able to split-ship orders at this time.)

P.P.S. You might notice the Hum albums in stores on Friday. This is because only the black vinyl was made available to retail and the vinyl we are currently awaiting are the colored variants.


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