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Most Anticipated 2018 releases

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Earl Sweatshirt (he's gotta have something by now surely)
ZZC (Simon Neil's solo project that has been finished for a couple of years at this point and I wasn't sure it'd happen but he dropped a single just over the holidays)
Martin Grech (Been waiting on this guy for literally a decade the albums done but this may wind up being a 2049 release)

Dead Meadow (Recorded and scheduled for a spring release)

Silent Front  (Final album funded and mostly recorded sad to see em go)
Death Pedals (Another Final album 80% recorded)
Big Lad
Joe Cardamone
Eliza Shaddad (Overdue debut)
Twilight Sad (Probably time for another one from them by now)

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11 hours ago, Reshiram454 said:

I really hope we finally get a new Tool album this year. I also said this exact think last year. And the year before that. And the year before that. 


I've said this since about 2011 tbh.

I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for an AEnima reissue.  I heard rumors early last year that something may be in the works, but heard nothing since, sadly.

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Going off the "every two year cycle", so it's mostly just hopeful...


Silent Planet

Artifex Pereo (if they've found a new drummer)

Fit For A King

Memphis May Fire

Oh, Sleeper (finally?) EDIT 2: apparently tracking is done


Wolves At The Gate

EDIT: Galactic Empire (this one is the only one "confirmed")

EDIT 2: Underoath (although this is a HUGE speculation/rumor/me just being hopeful)

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