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Glassjaw Coloring Book vinyl limited to 120 unique color combos 8/16

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44 minutes ago, tokimedo said:

It was $55 last time (yes it came with a ticket but like only 5% were able to use) 


and tbh $45 for a vinyl like this is pretty reasonable... 

I actually didn’t know the price it was 7 years ago, but I feel like in my time here pricing on releases has always been a polarizing subject lol- that’s the only reason I mentioned it. Trust me, I am completely fine with dropping $45, $55, or even $110 (for the more expensive version with shipping on this release) if it means I can own this thing.


being a pretty big fan, it’s really cool in the first place, but the whole concept of this record is just really wild with the three colors, pieces, whatever. One of a kind in my collection, for sure!

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Got mine in!!

Going to need a bigger turntable.

Pepperidge Farm remembers.

I was trying to get one at like 12:15 or whenever it showed up but was having shit luck because every time I tried to pick a shipping method, remove one from my cart that was sold out, checkout, etc, it would freeze. Such a frustrating process, so I gave up, mostly because the lady had made brunch and was a little peeved it was taking so long.


But then I tried again after we ate (1:05), decided my best luck would be to go to the third page and pick the least appealing color combination and, sure enough, that worked, got the email confirmation from MD and my credit card company even though it froze when I submitted my payment.


Like others have said, who knows if that actually means anything and I’ll likely be getting a refund in a bit, but goddammit I tried.

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There is at least 5 colors available on the merch direct site right now, just check in the top row and most are still available


EDIT: Nevermind, its a glitch where some don't show sold out until you go to checkout. still searching



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Holy shit I was just able to check out on one. Got an order confirmation too. 


If it gets canceled it’s whatever but damn. I wonder if they all went up at once or some were put up randomly. (Sorry if that’s been said (haven’t read the thread)).

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39 minutes ago, smailtronic said:

Thank you for this. Just snagged a copy off of MD with a confirmation email. Hopefully it goes through. It wasn’t the one you posted, but I started randomly picking colors until one went in my cart. This was 5 minutes ago. Keep trying guys! 

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