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    Maybe easy for you, world's greatest detective...
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    Got an orange airhead. Opening PayPal dispute now.
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    Lakeshore Recs posted on their IG: Guess who's turning 30 this year? Gotta say, he hasn't aged a day! HELLRAISER 30th Anniversary Release with 100% new mixes authorized and approved by Composer Christopher Young from the original baked and transferred 24 Track, 2 Inch Master Tapes! Two vinyl editions coming from our friends and partners at @deathwaltzrecs / @mondotees - but we'll let them tell you about those... As everyone looks to the Summer, we're keeping our eye on the fall... #hellraiser #pinhead #cenobite #cenobites #clivebarker #horror #classicalbum #classichorror #mondo #mondotees #deathwaltzrecords #lakeshorerecords #vinyl #vinylsoundtrack #soundtracksonvinyl #horrorsoundtrack #christopheryoung #soundtrack #soundtracks #80s #1987 #30thanniversary #creepy #spooky
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    Rammstein - Paris Live Boxed Set

    The Keyboard guy got his cardio in, walked a treadmill for the entire set whilst playing
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    Rammstein - Paris Live Boxed Set

    I was at the Melbourne show for that.....was pretty rad
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    I keep them for a decade, convinced I'll eventually do something with them, and then eventually start giving them away when I sell records or send someone something.
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    Agreed. Didn't buy Hang-ups due to this...do you know if it was as bad? Self-titled is unlistenable. I sure hope these two are done better. Scratch that...just saw in another thread that you didn't buy it, either. Good man.
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    http://www.rhino.com/summeroflove Some pretty cool stuff, similar to the rocktober or start your ear off series, all of these are going to be classic albums from 1967 to celebrate the 50th anniversary. Some cool stuff definitely in for dusty in memphis and Love's self titled on mono, might consider grabbing Beau Brummels and Electric Prunes too
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    Sounds good, dude! I'll set it aside for ya anyway.
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    [PO] Deafheaven // Sunbather

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    [PO] Deafheaven // Sunbather

    Fucking licensed throw blankets? Absolutely disgusti– Shit.
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    Album from Kevin Gan Yuen of Sutekh Hexen fame. $7 CS or $17 for a 10" https://utechrecords.bandcamp.com/album/uncloaked-infinite @GHOSTDRONES
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    Whoa, scored a copy for $6 on Discogs. Thanks Permanent Records!
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    Great prices, great seller. Buy without hesitation!
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    MEGA msale at ccmusic.com

    Can we just change the title of this thread to "Hey anybody got a code?"?
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    Weekend special everything is 15 dollars or less. Offer option still available.
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    Video Game OSTs v2.0

    Got The Last Guardian in today, guess the people complaining about the pressing quality weren't exaggerating, this thing is really bad (you might have to turn the volume up, depending on what you're listening on). I cannot understand how something like this is even possible, do they really not check the tests before greenlighting the pressing? Definitely asking for my money back.
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    Rambo, I think you've been making some great points recently. And I think you make a great point posting this guys video, which I watched start to finish and mostly agreed with. When I say mostly, I only mean --- "radical Islam" for me, it's a fucking cult. It's just a cult. It's no different that Children of God or Aum Shinrikyo. Maybe ISIS or Al-Queda are better organized, but in the end theyre just the Manson family but in an area of the world that is more receptive to insane violence. I don't hate Christians because of Children of God and I don't hate Muslims because of ISIS. Off hand I think that religion is a farce and you're ridiculous if you follow it, but that shouldn't preclude you from being a part of society. My point is that it just makes more sense to label these fringe religious groups as cults and get on with it. Because there are a lot of innocent people in their world who are just looking for answers and obviously don't believe in Sharia Law or Acts or any other weird 2000 year old bullshit.
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    Dale Cooper Quartet & The Dictaphones New Album "Astrild Astrild" --> Here Repress of "Quatroze Pieces de Menace" on red vinyl --> Here
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    I think shipping is like $22 to Germany.
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    GatorPrideSonnn Memorial Thread

    Today, I had my first Father's Day and it was fantastic. Spending our time in Portugal and loving it!
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    Here, solo. Hope that happens tonight
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    Post a Picture of your Axe/Gear!

    I bought the new Strymon Riverside Overdrive pedal. Best purchase i've ever made. Everything I've ever wanted in a drive
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    Sleeve City's Audiophile inner sleeves are exactly the same as the MoFIs except the rice paper backing is thicker, which helps prevent scrunching when returning an LP to the sleeve. IMO, it's worth the slight hike in price to not have to deal with the sleeves being too thin and easily collapsable. Sleeve City also makes an Ultimate Audiophile version that has rice paper lining on both sides but those are a bit overkill for me. I have bought both and prefer the simpler 1-rice-paper-side, 1-thin-clear-side look and feel (and price). If you want a sturdy tank sleeve, it's great though.
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