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    Wow, "very first collage" album cover and "first liner notes ever written for a Prurient album". They are really going all out on this release. Now, if they add "the very first time fluorescent pink has been used on the center label" I will lose my mind.
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    Nice markup on that. Might as well get it on eBay.
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    Yo! In honor of Cassette Store Day, we've marked down the Sunndrug and Metavari cassettes down to only $4 each. BANANAS. Each one comes with a digital download code as well, so this is a total steal! SUNNDRUG - EXIT WOUNDS Limited to 50 copies, 25 with a metallic gold shell and 25 with a clear shell. They all come inside of a clear case with a full-print J-card, and each one is also wrapped in a custom, DIY slip cover. The slip covers for the clear shells are foil stamped with the Sunndrug logo in black, while the gold ones are foil stamped in gold. There are only 3 copies of the gold left, FYI METAVARI - TETRA A.D. We couldn't keep the vinyl version of this in stock (it's still OOP, actually), and there are only about 6 of the cassettes remaining. These ones come with a white shell and each J-card is hand-screen printed! It's a two color print: black and metallic gold, and these also come with a download code for the entire album. Get at it!
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    I got to hear an early release copy from a friend in the industry and I have to say this is probably the worst material almost any band has put out ever. Its 90 minutes too long and each song is 5-6 minutes longer than it should be. I spoke to Burt and he said "We are basically at a point in our career where we can put out anything and our fans will eat it up and say its amazing (LIKE TUG) so we just let our creative process take a back seat and just phone it in. "
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    I’ll probably pull the trigger as I have no self-control and I’m a sucker for anything on the label. Its a a step up from 8 x cassettes right? Right?!
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    No indication, just sent to me. I ordered maybe 45 minutes after it was posted here that there were signed copies available.
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    The 3 Disney World/Land attractions soundtracks from Comicon are now up at DME.
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    The lamination on the art prints for The Pale Emperor has very badle bubbled and flaked off. It's not just my copy, someone else on the Hoffman forums posted a picture of theirs and the same thing happened. As I'm sure most people haven't looked at their prints since they received the record two years ago, have a look. It sucks.
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    Not to be a dick, but that is NOT a good deal. The Pale Emperor set was grossly, egregiously overpriced to begin with. And here's a rule of thumb: when the description for an expensive box set has more verbiage for the appointments of the printing/binding specifications than actual content, you're probably being ripped off. That box probably cost about $25 to manufacture. I don't actually know that but I bet it was about that.
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    Superior viaduct is a great reissue label. Always properly done.
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    The fact that this has "Brain Stew" but not "Jaded" is legitimately offensive to me and should be to everyone else. Also, how idiotic is it to have "Holiday" on the tracklisting after "Boulevard Of Broken Dreams"? The tracks segue into each other!
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    RSD Black Friday 2017 thread

    I think Colemine, well, Remined Records, is reissuing Gloria Barnes - Uptown. White whale record for me. I'll be happy with this reissue.
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    RSD Black Friday 2017 thread

    A store owner. And it was rumored on the DMB fansites. Red blue and yellow splatter 4LPs.
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    PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    Rumour has it that the deluxe only comes with a 400$ coupon you can use on Ebay for the CD-ROM
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    RSD Black Friday 2017 thread

    no offense, but do you live under a rock? it can still be easily had for ~$27 via VMP swap
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    RSD Black Friday 2017 thread

    What will they wrap the record in this time? Newspaper? Tin foil? Burlap? Find out this Record Store Day Black Friday™!
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    Spent so much time playing this game and still couldn’t give a fuck all about this release.
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    Why would anyone possibly need this? I keep my records organized by: genre, artist (alphabetical), year of release. I always know where anything I'm looking for is. Seems like you're solving a non-existent problem. (at least for anyone who organizes their collection)
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    various download codes

    Grabbed This! Thank you so much!
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    this band is sooo tired.
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    THE FEST 16

    Adulting sucks.
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