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(Credit to @Your Ex-Wife for the idea on this one. )

They check everyone’s Last.fm and decide by Volta scrobbles per capita. 

Statistically speaking, if "prog[ressive]" is located within any 1 of the first 3 genre descriptors that come to mind for a band, there's an 87% chance the general fanbase will be insufferable.

Wow, I thought the box set was pricey as hell, but with the individual releases stacking up to pretty much the same I’m almost willing to call it a cheapo haha.. 


Also laughing about the CEO of Clouds Hill stating that people won’t have to worry about scalpers on eBay anymore. Wouldn’t have thought he’ll be trying to preemptively outscalp them all. 

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2 hours ago, Iggy_Pilot said:

"Exclusive Clouds Hill edition"

I wonder what this actually means? I don't see the exclusivity being black vinyl? Or just because these standalone releases will be not available in retail (which I do not believe actually)?

Probably that the Cloud Hills store is the only place to pay these prices.  I hope.

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Lol I stopped reading at page 16 and just caught up now. Good stuff. Died laughing at the guy quoting $35 records.

So you can buy everything from the box set minus the two demos. Comes out to $432 for everything. They keep saying it’s unlimited. That they have their minimum order in, and they’ll just re-up when reaching that quantity. I’m a verrrrry filthy casual of TMV, so I’ll wait and think on it.

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Are those $40 price tags for 3xLPs accurate when taking into account the shipping via DHL from overseas is included in the every album since they’re shipping separately? I get it, but I don’t understand why they are doing it this way. Have them all shipped to the US then ship from there. Why is every person having to pay a shipping charge built into each individual album. If these were $40 each and were shipping from the US I’d say ok, but no way I’m paying $130 for two albums. I want to, but I won’t. 

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