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    A few thoughts since I am just catching up on this thread: 1.) A couple of these shows had already sold out. I (obviously) don't have access to their sales numbers, but the response was strong in enough markets that they nearly doubled the city count after first announcing the tour. 2.) Someone said that Brett's solo albums were overpriced?! I fucking made each of those by hand and they had some of the most unique packaging you've ever seen. Anyone who got a copy got it for a song as far as my tired hands are concerned! 3.) If this is too expensive for you, you should pick up a copy of Deadbeat Sweetheartbeat from me right here: http://www.mindovermatterrecords.com $26 bucks for a 2xLP in a gatefold jacket that unfolds twice, extends to over 4 feet long and housed inside of a screen printed, hand numbered jacket. 4.) I am pretty close with Brett. He is one of the nicest dudes I've ever met. He and the band members get along so well, and a day spent on any social media shows how close they all interact (and have for years)
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    Fowty Dollaz


    $50 says he uses the Cheap Vinyl at Amazon thread to supply his curations.
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    That's happening too. When Tim's new LP came out he mentioned that he's repressing all the old OOP Cursive stuff. Super excited for this though, my fav Cursive LP by far.
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    Swans Hype: 2020 Edition

    Gira posted on facebook that the "next stop in our re-issue series is STFTB. Not sure exactly when - an incredibly complicated endeavor... "
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    Yeah, this is fucking ridiculous pricing. I was ready to spend $50ppd.... but fucking $100? Fuck that. I mean, I get that this will prevent flipping but holy fuck.... way to gouge your fans! EDIT: I'm having a serious existential crisis about this price. I want the album so bad. Behind Closed Eyelids has benefited the most from the remaster I think. Some of the other tracks sound far too spacious now, it's weird haha. Also, the tracklisting is different. Monster Hit doesn't follow Shpongle Falls. But fuck, this is so good. But fuck, it's $105. That's so irresponsible of me to spend right now. But I think i'm probably going to say fuck it and do it. I hate this.
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    just got my blue copy from juno. i also picked up the new remastered crash bandicoot collection for ps4. tonight is gonna be like 1997 all over again... which is kind of sad, if you think about it.
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    Talked to both Matt and Tim at the Conor Oberst show and they confirmed a repress of Storms of Early Summer this fall on 15 Passenger. Announcement should be coming soon!
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    Apologies if this was already posted, I looked and didnt see it anywhere. http://www.bullmoose.com/p/25234928/chris-bell-i-am-the-cosmos-translucent-blue-vinyl-clear-vinyl-includes-download This has been near the top of my wantlist for a long time
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    GatorPrideSonnn Memorial Thread

    Sounds good. I'm sure I'll be visiting soon I've always really liked the Persona series. I beat 3, FES and 4. They are easily my favorite jrpg series. The dungeon crawling, the dating sim elements, and story all blend together perfectly. There is so much to do. If you have dungeon crawlers, it won't be for you since all the dungeons are very similar. The stories are always really damn good though. They start slow, but build pretty quickly once they kick off. I'm only about 4 hours into 5, but I'll let you know more once I get further in. With 3, and the FES add-on, I easily put 200 hours into the game. 4 was around 80 hours. They take a while, because there is so much to do.
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    GatorPrideSonnn Memorial Thread

    Report back! I've always been very interested in the Persona series and I finally have a console that plays them and enough spare time to actually play one. Edit : if you end up in Seattle when you're in the PNW, I'd be more than happy to meet up with you for a beer or something.
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    Her new partner (Jess McDermott) made a statement that pretty much confirmed how I was feeling about this since TWIABP first kicked her out.
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    Arcade Fire- Everything Now

    The songs have been growing on me. Kind of reminds me of Stars' No One is Lost - indie band I mostly like goes kind of disco and I like it more than I thought I would, despite pretty disappointing lyrics (what I've heard so far anyway).
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    I hope so, I want you to have another copy!
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    GatorPrideSonnn Memorial Thread

    No summer plans as of yet. Just working and working on my health stuff (I've been doing a ton better since my thyroid meds dosage was changed). Hoping to make it to Austin and to the PNW before the end of the year. Just started Persona 5, so that'll waste a bunch of my time.
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    Hope not. I don't need another copy of Storms :/
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    Yeah, it's gonna be cool. Going to visit my grandma in KY at some point for a few days, and I'm getting tattooed one of the days off. Pretty darn excited
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    GatorPrideSonnn Memorial Thread

    My weeks are very up or down. Seems like my plans seem to cluster. I didn't do a damn thing last week That sounds pretty great to me.
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    Sounds fun! I'm working, but I'm off Tuesday through the 16th, so that's rad.
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    GatorPrideSonnn Memorial Thread

    I'm doing virtually nothing because that's what I do best. Your weekend sounds awesome, though.
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    I had the chance to pre-order it only because I had notifications on this thread activated! I didn't even notice it was on pre-order on Facebook or anywhere else... (ouch 85.63€... hurts a bit on the wallet)
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    I just sent Simon Holtom a private message asking if he thought they'd make more since it sold so well. He's not super fast as replying typically, but I'll update here what he says. (no joke).
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    Arcade Fire- Everything Now

    I wouldn't even say they're bad songs, it's just going into a style that I don't have any particular interest in. I am looking forward to hearing the album in full and seeing if it connects with me more. For now, I mainly don't want to spend the money on something I'm a bit weary on.
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    I am SHOCKED that it is sold out already! I just found out about it. And went to go place my order! What the fuck! First of all, why only press 500 copies? I would think at least 1000 - 2000? Hopefully, the quick sell out will entice them to do another round of pressing! I really didn't think it would sell so quickly. Especially at that price. I mean I was going to get one regardless. But damn.....another repress is in order. As far as tales being released I bet the same thing will happen.
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    Is that a very specific type of leather daddy?
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    Since this is a big reissue campaign with the added bonus of Deviations, it's really similar to what the Pumpkins did with their remaster/reissue series. The Aeroplane Flies High could be considered their Deviations except it has 5 LPs. That box, which was a hard slip case with foil printing and sparkle stock on the LP sleeves was retailing for around $100 ($90-$115 depending). Never did I really feel ripped off when buying it (at $90) and I think it's because it looked and felt substantial. Same for Mellon Collie. That was a ground up reissue because it changed the track order and expanded from a 3xLP to 4xLP set but it included 2 huge booklets inside a slip case. And I bought that fucker for $65, although out of the gate it was retailing for $80. But the point is, the Pumpkins weren't touring on that music at the time either. So it was all to sell those records and the price was reflecting the labor that went into the project. Not to beat the dead animals, but I think the disappointment is warranted, even if the pressing is great and sounds really nice. Packaging and presentation make a huge fucking difference in what consumers will stomach when shelling out money.
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    Jesus christ, that went fast. I was going to buy it this morning, but nope. All gone. Probably for the better, although I really would have liked to have heard this at least once on vinyl. They could sell another 1000 if they did a regular 3xLP in regular jackets like This Will Destroy You's live album. Some of us are in college and don't have $100 to drop at a moment's notice! Glad it sold out though. Wasn't sure it would, to be honest. That's an awful lot of money.
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    Arcade Fire- Everything Now

    I can understand that, theres definitely less old arcade fire in the singles than there was left in reflektor, but i personally love the direction they are going in. I don't know, i think theres still no other band right now that could come out with songs like this Yeah i heard the song for the first time when i saw them live and the song structure was a little confusing haha but i'm really liking it now too!
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    various download codes

    Beach Fossils - Somersault http://www.atozmedia.com/common/download.asp?type=soundcard&downloadCode=9th8r9h287&uploadID=8934
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    PO: Bleachers "Gone Now"

    Rough Trade have copies with the clear DTTM for anyone in the UK. Vinyl is the marble version though.
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    In for a 2pac for $14. Now lower The Chronic 2001 and I'll be set!
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    My wife and I went and got our NIN tattoos tonight, in honor of our favorite artist ever. To make the night even better, our Deviations I The Fragile Vinyl showed up today instead of Monday! We were veryyy weary opening it, crossing our fingers it was ok... (Ive recieved albums with bent corners before and didnt care, but with our favorite band we would ask for a replacement for sure) Opened it up, mint! Not damaged at all, we lucked out! It is absolutely beautiful and sounds great. Now we can anxiously await the fragile repress in 2 months.. That is our favorite album ever made by anyone, cant wait to see and hear it. I think this shouldve been $40 and the fragile $80. But we are fine with the prices because theyre great quality. Like previously said, I wish it had a small A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H on the image in the center and not have to hold it up to the light, but its alright. Absolutely beautiful and very artistic.. I chose the Halo Twenty Eight logo on the back of my leg. My wife chose the classic NIN logo on her wrist. Josh Edwards at Rose of No Mans Land, Woodbury MN Cant waittttttttt for the other represses. Hoping for With Teeth, Year Zero, and The Slip soon.. Cant wait for EP II as well!!!! We are going to see NIN in NYC and Chicago in a couple/few months. Cant wait, its been a few years since weve seen them..
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    Looks like they took down their Discogs comment lmao
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    Agreed. The $270 was within my budget for the "crazy shit" I allow myself to buy a couple times a year. So I decided to jump on it. I was admittedly disappointed when it didn't go through, but I went home and looked at all the awesome shit I already own and let it go. LOL! It will come up again so happy hunting to both of us! Also, everyone, thanks for the group roast of the asshat that pulled the deal. Made me laugh a lot! Have a great weekend everyone!
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    I would bet on there not being a standard pressing in the 3xLP configuration. I've been talking with Simon Holtom about this release for over a year, and I got the impression that this is it. They've have to design a whole other packaging for the 3xLP and I know that's what took the look get to finalize. Never say never, but I wouldn't sleep on this if it's a Must Have. That being said, they'll have to figure something out if they plan on a box set with all studio albums...
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    3xLP up for preorder https://shponglemusic.bandcamp.com
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    Ditto. I've even called it his magnum opus.
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    100% this. It's definitely his magnum opus. Every episode seems and feels like a culmination of everything he's done throughout his entire career. So lucky to be alive during this time.
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    Weird, sorry about that bad link. No idea what happened there. It's fixed now.
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    My copy of DD was $17 after tax on Amazon. $24.90 before tax and shipping on hot topic. Fuck thaaaaaaaaat.
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    Really enjoying the tracks released so far, stoked to hear the full album!!
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    Actually ended up cancelling my Amazon order just the other day cause money was a little tight and couldn't really afford it at the moment. Then I thought "oh hey! I'll just order the colored variants from Hot Topic now!" And then I remembered Hot Topic's prices...
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    Pablo Honey is infinitely better than The King of Limbs.
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    Me too, got lucky and ran into him once at the premiere of Inland Empire. Highlight of my 20's.
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    hello there. it's 11 years.

    All jokes aside, I've been thinking about selling off certain variants and replacing them with $12 standard black copies from Amazon, while pocketing $50+ per record. The bubble is insane.
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