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Dead bugs (thunder flies) inside sealed vinyl records

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Hi everyone! I started my vinyl collection back in november last year and have collected over 35 records so far.
I've been keeping them sealed ever since I got them for the purpose of collecting rather than listening.

Over the summer in my country we get a bunch of small bugs mostly thunder flies that crawl and hide inside small and warm spaces, that unfortunately means that almost all of my records have these thunder flies dead inside the seal, since they managed to find a hole and get in.

What is the best method to dealing with these bugs? I don't want to one day wake up to a sleeve full of dead bugs and I feel like keeping them sealed is kinda pointless at this point.

Images attached.
Appreciate the help!

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This pretty much sums up this whole situation -"I feel like keeping them sealed is kinda pointless at this point." I can understand keeping some records sealed for whatever reason, but ALL? You're on a board where people at least pretend to listen to their records, so you're not going to get a lot of support here for bug filled sealed records. Sorry. The solution is to open and listen to them. It will then be easy to remove any insects. Keeping them sealed for value has now been deemed irrelevant with bugs inside. They might actually be worth less if there is any bug dookie on the cover.  Good luck.

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