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    Wax mage does shit like this all the time. Follow them on social media and you can eventually get a similar looking variant with music that doesn’t suck on it.
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    Shoegaze/Dream Pop Thread

    I got this response on September 21st: "Vinyl is definitely in the conversation & we’ll be posting an update about it once we get more information =)"
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    Lydia - Illuminate

    I’ve already bought my ticket. 5% chance I end up not being able to go cause of work. But if you guys want to grab a vinyl add on in my name I can pick up for you. I believe I can proxy for up to 6 people.
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    You're not crazy. 9.50 for a two song 7" is stupid.
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    Black Friday RSD 2018

    We are about 6 weeks ago, any rumors yet?
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    Saw on Facebook these will be shipping in a week or two. Also an unreleased track for those who ordered the vinyl.
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    I'm not too worried about it. Maybe we'll get an update when they're back from tour. Maybe we'll just have them show up in a month or two.
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    The SYNTHWAVE Thread

    I'm actually just discovering Midnight myself. Endless Summer and Nocturne are amazing. New one is still pretty solid
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    [PO NOW] BROCKHAMPTON - Iridescence

    This album hits hard. I'm loving the direction these guys are headed
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    Tidal Wave

    I don't like music anymore

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    Glad I wasn't the only one thinking the price is ridiculous.
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    Team Avatar

    I don't like music anymore

    a not typical song by a not typical band. I mostly listen to sad music and have some overlaps with you, but this band will forever be my pump up, change the pace band.
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    I don't like music anymore

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    All Things Slow Crush

    “Glow” & “Drift” are killer opening tracks.
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    I still think this album is incredible, and the more I see the live studio videos, the more I'm convinced this album is better than Sunbather. Deafheaven has finally arrived. Sunbather is still much more important, and will never be topped in terms of impact, but man, this album is so good.
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    Just got shipping confirmation for this
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    I’m guessing money. People buy the black and then it’s like “oh shit a new variant?? Guess I gotta buy that too.”
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    Yeah, that's a little ridiculous cause with all that we know now he did nothing that could even be considered abuse and the whole situation was blown way out of proportion, it sucks their entire career almost got derailed over this. Skylight is incredibly good though and I'm just glad the issue preventing it from being released is resolved and everyone can move on
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    [PO] Thrice - Palms (9/14/2018)

    I got a pretty wild one
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    PO: Silverstein- The Afterglow/Aquamarine 7"

    Why is this thing almost $15 & since when did adding a digital download make it a bundle? Has it been that long since I bought a 7"?
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    [PO] Thrice - Palms (9/14/2018)

    Here's mine. Cool how unique these are. Love that pink on the other one that was posted
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    [PO] Thrice - Palms (9/14/2018)

    this is my "OG Splatter". Looks sick
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    Not trying to be a contrarian but I like both these songs just fine. This last one reminds me of the new Interpol album. Got no problem hearing them try something completely different, if there's one thing this band is good at it's jumping between different styles and still managing to pull it off.
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    I don't like music anymore

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