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    Probably to no ones surprise, I found the Kevin Gray cut slightly better than the definitive cut by John Golden. The definitive version is very good. DOn't get me wrong. I though the KG cut was a bit more robust/fuller. I did a blind comparison of both records going track by track. I found that consistently noted preferring the KG cut, but to be fair, sometimes it was a toss up (VPI HW-19jr w/ a Grado blue on a vintage Marantz 2220 with Polk speakers). I think if you have the KG cut, you can pass on the definitive. Otherwise, get the KG cut if you don't own one, but if you have to get the definitive version (like because of a discount code or whatever), you will probably be happy with that as well. The Black to Black/KG cut packaging is a bit different. Inners are a thicker paper. Spine is a touch wider. Colors are muted. The DE is closer to the original pressing, Colors are richer. inners are the thin glossy paper (and do not come with the discs in them to avoid seem splits). The original pressing had the boldest colors on the packaging and are a richer yellow/brown with an orange hue. I don't have my original CD anymore, but I remember that being the same. These 2 new pressings seem to favor more yellow in the colors rather than the warmer orange end. Anyway those are my thoughts on the new DWS pressings.
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    Pink pressing for 10 bands 1 cause. http://www.bullmoose.com/p/25708629/metallica-hardwiredto-self-destruct-pink-vinyl-pink-vinyl-2lp-ten-bands-one-cause
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    I'm pretty sure one of the ten commandments is "trust not the man who dislikes the song Debra"
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    Wow. Absolutely unacceptable. Contacting them about getting a replacement jacket right away!
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    damn I really need a copy of the deluxe
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    As Derek alluded to, the album has leaked, and wow is it phenomenal. It wasn't at all what I was expecting upon first listen, but after a couple follow-ups, I'm in love. It is really subtle, and brilliant. It's like the bastard child of Atomic and Come On Die Young (more of the former, but moments of the latter). I have a feeling that after repeat listens this is going to crawl toward the top of my year list. Side note: I love Rave Tapes, 80s Martians, and oversized blasters.
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    I'm assuming you've heard their first record (Wagonwheel Blues) but if not, you should check it out. It's more of this.
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    I'd prefer this as well, to be completely honest. My favorite parts of this new album are the instrumental ones. I don't hate the vocals or anything but they definitely make some songs feel like they overstay their welcome a bit.
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    Han Solo

    The official Horror fan topic

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    Had the "unique" pleasure last night of introducing three millennial females to the wonder that is CRJ's last album. One of them in particular really dug it. Said the songs sounded like 80s Madonna, but contemporary... which is pretty accurate. TS needs to just go full 80s. C'mon Swifty T.
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    The official Horror fan topic

    Barrett wasn't involved. I was mainly mentioning him because of how I think him and Wingard do their best work on new material together. I think if you can get over it being an adaptation of something you love and watch it at face value, you're enjoyment will go a lot further. That's what I've seen too. I probably wouldn't have watched it if I didn't like the director, just due to having no real connection past that. Supposedly, Wingard is interested in doing another one if Netflix finds it worthwhile.
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    The official Horror fan topic

    This was my first exposure to the material as well. It was fine. I agree with pretty much all of your points. Anyone who is in love with the material does seem to be having trouble considering this any better than a pile of garbage.
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    The official Horror fan topic

    Shit I completely forgot Wingard and Barrett did this. I haven't watched it yet but all day I've seen and heard of people saying how terrible it is. I've seen the anime and I love it and I do want to see this movie. But it's gonna be real hard to separate one from the other while watching (which I'm sure I'll have to do to at least semi-enjoy it).
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    This thread made it to the second page? Some fans you all are!
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    PO NOW: Beck "Colors" 10/13/2017

    Like the lyrics on Mellow Gold aren't goofy as fuck. I mean, "get crazy with the Cheez Whiz"? High level lyrical artistry right there... One of my favorite Beck songs from that MG era, Bogus Flow, has the goofiest lyrics ever. Trying to say the music on that record is disingenuous and gimmicky is bonkers. Have you seen any live videos from that tour period? Shit is the jam. Considering he composed all of that shit, it's lazy to call it gimmicky when you just don't get it or whatever. That whole record is a big fuck you to that scene, mentality, and lifestyle. It's not in support of it. I mean, the record was almost called I Can Smell the VD in the Club Tonite.
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    I could make you a unique CDR for 50 bucks. It will be the most limited CD variant for Brand New. 1/1 You could potentially start a college portfolio based on the resell value in the future. And trust me, CDS are coming back in 2032 in a big way
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    PO: Mewithoutyou [A->B] Life Repress

    judging from their IG stories (showing that they're packing the orders), it will most likely ship soon
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    To be fair, those songs are better than most people's songs.
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    Everything on Emotion and Emotion Side B are leagues better than this.
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    Can't believe her and Kanye are still feuding lol. Good for business/image I guess. Also this song sucks. Carly Rae is the true heir to the pop throne.
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    Late, but that Ella/ Louie came yesterday (after a long while) and man that set is nice. Much nicer than expected.
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    This makes it slightly better.
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    I think I might just wait until after release. I've had really bad luck with FYE preorders (random cancellations for no reason). Their coupons seem to be getting better and better lately too; times must be rough. They had 25% off the other day. And if it's sold out by then, black it is.
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    PO: Taylor Swift - Reputation (out on 11/10)

    Unless the nightclub is hosting your local highschool's Sadie Hawkins dance, you might want to find some new clubs.
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    The chorus sounds like a real weak Peaches song (I don't have a lot of pop frames of reference).
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    PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    White vinyl just sucks and if i have to convince myself it sounds worse to prove my opinions, so be it.
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    PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    Yeah. No CD here either. Opening the mailbox each day has become an experience in hopeful futility and disappointment.
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    PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    It's my money & I do what I want with it.
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    PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    Don't forget that generally speaking, white vinyl scores pretty low on the sound-quality scale of variants.
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    PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    I bet they rubbed their hands together menacingly before they typed that out.
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    In for one, but when are we getting Underclass Hero?
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    What the hell happened with Mondo? Shitty release after shitty release using stills from mediocre movies. What happened to our Mondo that pressed 80's slashers instead of 2000's rom-coms? Josie and the Pussycats, Neon Blonde, Ingrid Goes West? Get bent!
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    Assuming the current date (8/23), the fact he used the word "tonight" while making the post today, and the position of the "7" and "8" keys on traditional keyboards... I do think that was probably a typo, my dude. Reasoning can be hard.
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    S/T is one of my favorite albums ever and I dug ABL, but man... I just can't get onboard with anything they've done since. Most has felt like pretentious wannabe-U2 anthemic stuff generated by a paint-by-numbers song robot. But I also feel guilty saying that because I know Jared Leto is a damn good guy. This new one sounds just like a certain song that I can't pinpoint... it'll come to me...
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    And someone finally gets the point.
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    Can we finally agree that the "no thread before an official vinyl PO" rule is pretty dumb?
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    Shoegaze/Dream Pop Thread

    That Iris 10" was fantastic. Happy to hear that they reformed!
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    So this album is pretty awesome. At least on first listen I'm loving what I'm hearing. Coolverine confirmed my confidence in their use of synths this time – they're a lot more spacious and dynamic. I know some people dug Rave Tapes, but the synths on that album were for 80s martians with oversized laser blasters. This time around they're for watching landscapes shrink while being propelled into the stars. It just feels a lot more refined to me and I'm really enjoying it. Some of the guitar tones are straight gritty and massive – think Batcat. Basically every track on this record is going to sound immense in a live setting and I can't wait to witness them in November.
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    Thanks, I am already married..
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