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    Couple more sweet Goodwill finds today: https://imgur.com/a/qGPlWv0 Edit: ugh, having issues posting the photo. Anyway, best bits were a blue marbled The Mr. T Experience - Love is Dead, and a white copy of The Jazz June - The Boom, The Motion and The Music.
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    PO NOW: Porches - The House

    New tune. There's no info of any new EP or album at this moment.
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    I felt like the difference between the new songs last night and old songs was a little noticable, but I'm just going to attribute that to them being new songs. Carrie was all smiles despite some of the snarling and shaking of her head that she does sometimes, lol. The were pretty excited to play and were grateful for the crowd's energy.
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    The Beatles Singles Boxset

    Gives them more opportunity to press them again will all the correct tracklistings and then again with new Giles Martin mixes.
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    may have overpaid for the athletics test press (i thought i was inputting a max bid ebay-style, not just... what the new bid should be), but dan sent the test press and also a lacquer of the 7". so, that was pretty cool. probably because i paid out the ass, but maybe some other folks got cool throw-ins too
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    PO NOW: Royal Coda - Compassion

    First post updated with splatter link, thanks @N8TRU Also, latest track
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    PO NOW: Royal Coda - Compassion

    "Last variant" for pre-orders. Splatter/250 https://www.royalcoda.com/product/compassion-splatter-vinyl
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    PO NOW: Porches - The House

    Wound up loving The House after initially being iffy about it. The one thing I do not like though is the inclusion of the 60-90 sec long interlude songs like Understanding, Akeren, Swimmer. And then Country, which is sooo good, is less than 2 mins? I think of the best things about Pool is how consistently paced, structured and atmospheric it is, The House feels really messy in comparison.
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    PO NOW: Porches - The House

    That sounds more like Rivers Cuomo than it does Aaron. Weird vox. I like the tune though.
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    The Thing is Waxwork. And it looks like they put up some Evil Dead 7"s along with Jane Doe.
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    After having some more time with this I am kinda disappointed. I like Stovall & Much Love a lot more.
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    I'm glad I'm not interested in any of these.
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    The verdict is you dont need to post the same stuff in every thread with the words storage in it
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    Was mostly lurking for a while due to being busy, but things have calmed down fortunately.
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    Record Storage Options

    Its about as level as you can get with music taste like that. No heavy riffs to balance that out
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    Record Storage Options

    This is pretty tight. I think making it yourself is what makes it impressive and I'm sure it was a lot more cost effective.
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    Record Storage Options

    Hey guys ... Cant tell if y'all are being serious 😋 .......... Designed and built it from scratch so would really like some feedback. What do you think? The two top rows are for display only so just one deep. The two bottom rows are 25 to 30 records deep, so it comfortable takes the 280 odd pieces I have.
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    (PO - 10/1 ) TRNA - Earthcult

    And last payment received. Once that e-check clears, payment will be sent on Wednesday or so, and we’ll get these shipped over. Things are happening. Thank you all for your patience.
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    They're also terrible at naming albums and songs.
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    I got into this hobby to avoid things like 40 minute YouTube videos and words like "workflow."
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    Summertime EP coming to vinyl for the 1st time 10th Jan with a bonus cover track https://kingsroadmerch.com/the-drums/view/?id=16528&cid=3245
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    I wonder if these are all Bernie Grundman masters like VMP? Cautiously optimistic on sound quality
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    Really? That fights for top spot for me. I love the relative heaviness of it and the way it jams out at the end. Really reminds me of his live performances. But I agree, best since Little Hell
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    I'm a Rented World defender. Ready for it.
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    Andrew Yang 2020

    They're scared because probably 98% of America is too dumb to understand that taxes going up a tiny bit, but you don't have to pay for healthcare is a win. If you told someone their taxes would go up $100 a month but they wouldn't have to pay for healthcare most people would be too dumb to understand that's better than paying $300-500 a month for healthcare.
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    so recapping... we like earlier mark kozelek better than the later stuff? seems like it's been established, but i'm sort of disconnected in general.
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