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    Still waiting on that Year Zero press....
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    knowing the quality control at magic bullet, "Tetria" will definitely be how it appears on all 50 new variants.
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    Her non-Midwife projects, Sister Grotto and Mariposa, are also worth checking out. This is my favorite release of hers. https://oilspills.bandcamp.com/releases
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    PO: Bon Iver: i,i

    Blood Bank 10th anniversary reissue up for pre-order. It's $20, but includes new live versions of each track on side B . I couldn't resist. https://store.boniver.org/products/blood-bank-10th-anniversary-edition-translucent-red-lp-us
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    frail body + maree noire repress of an ultra limited tour tape now available only from No Funeral Records http://nofuneral.storenvy.com/products/29580235-frail-body-maree-noire-split-cassingle listen to the songs here: https://frailbodyil.bandcamp.com/track/january https://mareenoiremtl.bandcamp.com/track/taire-le-d-sordre
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    Porches - Ricky Music (3/13)

    Blue wax and 7” at Domino Mart https://www.dominomusic.com/releases/porches/ricky-music/exclusive-limited-lp
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    Congrats. Haven't had a good score like that in a long time. I don't dig as much as I used to.
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    Got the tour variant and the Toy Soldier 7". Thanks!
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    I was at the album release show this past weekend. Tony said it was the longest set they've ever played. https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/mest/2020/350-soundstage-tinley-park-il-5b9b571c.html
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    Went to an estate sale on a whim and found this beast. Saw the ad go up on FB marketplace, and ignored it because it looked like garbage. And it was. After seeing it again two hours later, I messaged the lady who was selling off her husband's dead relative's possessions. I went and dug through a couple hundred banged up country and R&B LP's. I picked about nine 45's just because she didn't tell me a price. I undersold what was in there, but again, I thought she might hit me with a $3-5 a pop. When she said $5 for everything, I couldn't give it to her fast enough!
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    Magic Bullet Records: Proud Member of Record Store Bargain Bins Across the World™
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    Really liking that cover. But they should have just done a reissue of the All Wrapped Up singles collection with all the A-sides and B-sides.
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    PO Now: Caspian - On Circles (1/24/2020)

    Go to Discogs and look at the comments on Dark Operative's (and their predecessor Magic Bullet's) pressings of This Will Destroy You's albums. Doesn't fill me with hope that Tertia remaster or not, we will get anything worth buying.
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    Porches - Ricky Music (3/13)

    rly excited to hear "fuck_3"
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    I’ll definitely check out that debut of hers. Looks like OG copies are relatively cheap and it was just reissued in 2019, too. I’m all for a fuzzed out slowcore roster this year, if that’s what it’s coming down to. I have faith that they’ll diversify their genres enough, but I wouldn’t complain if the majority was a slow burn.
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    Fowty Dollaz

    New Bright Eyes Album 2020

    Yeah. I'm pretty sober now, but I'll liven up after a drink so I actually talk.
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    Fowty Dollaz

    New Bright Eyes Album 2020

    Same. My 2nd spawn is due July 3. I might literally miss his birth lolol.
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    New Bright Eyes Album 2020

    Got GA for NY. Stoked as fuck. Great openers too.
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    Not gonna lie before Mamaleek & Giles Corey were confirmed I was still weighing up resubbing just for Midwife. Her debut Like Author, Like Daughter is just perfect. Highly recommend everyone checks it out. Think its OOP now and I broke my "No more pricey imports" rule for it. Was very happy when they announced she'd signed to the label. Check it here if you like: https://midwifemusic.com/album/like-author-like-daughter Between this and the sprain debut it might be a more mellow year overall for the sub but I'm cool with that.
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    New Bright Eyes Album 2020

    Thanks for sharing. Odds are, it'll be Thursday. Pre-sales usually go up the day before the public on sale, and this pre-sale seems the end Friday morning.
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    New Bright Eyes Album 2020

    Got a spotify notification for presale--three dates: LA on may 21 & 22, NY june 20
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    Dammit Vinyl addict! I nearly had a heart attack! Yeah, but umm no...
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    Fuck you we already knew about that one.
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    Incubus — "Light Grenades" pre-order

    I love Incubus but the prices of these recent pressings are way too high for me to even start to consider buying them. Also that hurt my head
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    Alan P

    PO: Eisley - Room Noises

    Anyone know if there are plans for Combinations next? That is the only Eisley LP I am missing.
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    Furnace Fest 2020

    That is your loss, Shenanigans. Birmingham fucking rules.
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