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    Here's my Nine Inch Nails/ Trent Reznor collection.
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    Just a side note (been meaning to post this for weeks), the movie is now streaming on Netflix.
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    $40 for the 2012 repress of The Avalanches - Since I Left You (I had to import it from Germany). I would have gotten Relient K - MMHMM for $100 from someone off of Discogs but as soon as I confirmed the purchase, the seller cancelled my order, apologized for "the confusion," and bumped the price up to $200. Motherfucker.
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    Do you have a twitter or Instagram, so I can follow you?
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    seam splits

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    I think this just went up for pre order. I grabbed the bundle. The purple wax looks pretty sharp. http://www.scdistribution.com/music-shop.html?class=artist&artist=The%20War%20On%20Drugs
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    wtb/wttf Le Butcherettes-Sin Sin Sin

    Looking for a vg+ or better copy. Have some stuff to trade and/or $$$ I would value it around $40 shipped. Feel free to pm. Thanks sdlkfaae.gif
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    That is one hell of a collection
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    That may be the shadiest Discogs story I've ever read.
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    Fuck it, I couldn't wait. Just finished my first listen. I'm really excited to get to know this record. Got fucking goosebumps when the first track kicked in. Maybe it's just because I love this goddamn band so much.
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    The people that justify paying this much are the same people that justify paying 25-30 for a single LP.
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    Officially the new worst member, what a dick. I've still been playing Don't Starve. Got up to day 11 before I got hit by lightning... Wut Edit: there's no doubt in my mind that Titanfall won't be great. The Brink devs had no track record of making good games, but Respawn do.
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    um... anybody wanna discuss video games?
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    The COMMUNITY Thread

    Agreed, it was excellent all around. "If you want to make Trouble, go work for Parker Brothers" cracked me up.
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    Boston people >>>

    It's been a while but I always liked to head to Harvard Square and hit up Newbury Comics, then go over to In Your Ear. (There used to be Twisted Village, too, now sadly closed.) If you're up for a little walk, right up the street on Mass Ave are Weirdo Records and Cheapo Records. I'm sure someone who still lives in the area can point you toward some other spots. Enjoy yer time in the commonwealth!
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    SRC 2014 Subscription Vol 1

    With them focusing a bit on some mid 90's titles, I wouldn't mind seeing The Wallflowers on that list. I'd buy Bringing Down the Horse in a heartbeat.
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    I lost my virginity to a sexual assault. Trust me as a guy it was confusing. Being in the 90s it took me going to four separate therapists before I found one that could help me cope. I was assigned to a rape counselor and couldn't understand why at first then fired her because I thought I was taking her time away from people that needed her attention. I get wickedly depressed in the winter to this day since that's when it happened. I remember shaking in the freezing cold in my parent's driveway as I tried to explain what happened and having them tell me to stop since they couldn't help me. Trust me, professionals couldn't understand nor could my parents even let me finish my sentences. I bottled it up inside. I told my wife last year for the first time and have never uttered another word about it to her again. If I told people the circumstances and the individual they would never believe me. Shit, I bet half of you can't even believe what I wrote here hence why I've never given a name, date or place and never will - it's always been my cross to bare whether I wanted it to be or not. This is a beyond confusing experience. I nearly killed myself in the aftermath, failed to have professionals or family manage to help me and spent years trying to figure out my identity. So when I see these things come up and people ask "Why wait so Long?" I understand the question but you can't possibly understand what it feels like in the direct aftermath, the year after, the decade after etc. It's winter again and I've been lost in thinking of my lost years again, it comes without fail as I feel the sting of the cold like I did in my parents driveway all that time ago. A couple days ago I was looking at my kid swearing I would protect him so he wouldn't ever feel what I have. I won't judge her. I don't have enough details to judge him. But I can understand why it might be scattershot.
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    NCAA Football Discussion

    I was too busy pulling my hair out for 3 quarters hahaha
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    your collection is a beautiful place and i am no longer affraid that i don't buy variants.
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    heres my twiabp collection, i have added a few pieces since the picture.
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    Sweet. Hope you're able to breathe a little easier now. All those neg votes are definitely showing me. [edit] And so the proper tone is established here; [edit 2.0] I wanted to come back to this post to elaborate. First and foremost, I'm sorry you feel the way you do. There may be a few members on this board that I frequently disagree with, but I have zero animosity for any user on the boards. Regardless of how rough I may play around, it's the internet. The internet. If a stranger is knotting up your panties on a message board, you're doing it wrong. End of discussion. I kind of wish more people would acknowledge this more often. With that in mind, I'd say that I try not to step on [too m]any toes here on the boards. I've made some great friends through this community, and have scored many-a-fantastic records through it. Despite all the bickering and ridiculousness, I really do enjoy this forum. And I am grateful for everything in it, good or bad. Variety is the spice of life... and at the end of the day, wading through bitch-fests and petty behavior is worth it if I can have my laughs, deals, and opportunities to nerd out about music. But let's be real -- it's impossible to appeal to everyone. There is no way that 100% of this forum is going to like me. And quite frankly, I'm okay with that. But there is no point in bending over backwards for you or anyone else in an attempt to gain your approval. Win some, lose some is the proper mentality to embrace when making acquaintances on this board. Or anywhere else, for that matter, online or off. It's funny that you'd say I'm an elitist, or that I take an elitist approach with my posts. I've been a member on the boards longer than some people, sure... and I do have more posts than a good chunk of the VC population. But that certainly doesn't put me above anyone else. I know that, have always known that, and will always know that. And so should you. I was shat on when I first registered here at VC in the Proboard days. I've spent my time learning the ropes and being "victimized" by the veteran posters of this board. I was never above that, so please discard the idea that I view myself as some sort of higher entity here on the forums. Thanks. I poke fun at new people because it's entertaining. The last member I went off on was StrangeTerrain, only before having a sincere exchange of messages shortly afterwards. Feel free to ask him about it. I don't think the guy is any less intelligent than you or I; I merely had fun at his expense of being a newbie. If the difference in our post counts lead you to believe that makes me a "veteran elitist", then that's your problem. Certainly not mine. And if we're being honest, how boring would this board be if 100% of all members - new and old alike - didn't ask goofy questions or post some cringe-worthy threads from time to time? That's VC entertainment, bud. I'd really be an asshole if I let that slide by, untouched. Everyone wises up sooner or later. Get in the laughs while you can... especially if they're all in good jest. I occasionally make fun of the generic VC tastes because I'm 25 and no longer listen to the same bands I did in high-school. It's a free country; listen to what you like and disregard anyone who tries to tell you otherwise. Or get some thicker skin. I'm sorry that you (literally) own 40 NOFX 12"s. If I imply that you should listen to something other than pop-punk for a change, that's not me being a dick. It's forum banter based off your specific collection. I've harped on people for binging on Hot Topic releases exclusively, and for having mallcore tastes. Get over it. There is no official standard for what constitutes Good Music. And if there was, I'm sure that I'd personally miss the mark myself. And lastly, flipping. This has been a heated topic for as long as I can recall being a member. There are two very valid sides to the argument. At the end of the day, it is a shitty thing to do, but it is hardly illegal. Capitalism, free market, so on, so forth. We've all read the debate. But regardless of what your stance is, I don't think it's "elitist" of me to point and laugh at some dude trying to sell three records - all released within the last 10 years - for over $1,000. That's not snobbery. It's ridiculous. And I see no wrong in pointing that out. As far as that "gem" of a thread goes; I'd call it tough love. It's common sense and sale / trade know-how that wasn't elaborated on, in the initial guidelines thread. I don't view myself as Moses delivering the ten commandments, if that's the impression you get. The words ring true, but they do not carry more weight simply because I posted them. Copy and paste them in a new thread; I'll delete the one that's up and you can have "all the glory" or whatever delusion you've got in your mind. So that's basically it. New members. Music. Flipping. Those are three things I have fun with. If you feel the urgency to be butt hurt about that, that's your loss. I can't be bothered to care, truthfully. And if you feel the need to vote down everything I say in hopes of making yourself feel better, you've got much larger problems in life than online etiquette. If you're really that uncomfortable with the posts I make, how about you speak up about them? Call me out. Either bluntly, or with a subtle remark. Or PM me, so long winded explanations like those don't clutter up threads where they don't belong. Anything is more respectable than trying to anonymously take me down a peg with your tail between your legs.
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    Ouch! Prepare for disappointment...
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    Brand New - TDAGARIM repress in 11/4

    Is his name Kess?
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    I just had to bump this because I saw the movie in a theater yesterday and it was just fantastic. I felt a very real and deep connection to it and I feel like a lot of people can feel the same as I do because it's so well done. I love how minimal it is. The soundtrack takes a front seat in the movie along with the gorgeous cinematography and the superb acting of Paul Rudd and Emile Hirsch. I highly recommend seeing it in theaters if you can or at the very least renting it on demand or on itunes. I didn't even know that it was available on demand and on itunes starting on the release date, so that's awesome that they made it so accessible even though it's in limited theaters. I'm glad I saw it in a theater though because the sound is larger and the cinematography is just that good. I loved this soundtrack prior to seeing the movie and I love it infinitely more now after seeing the movie. If you're on the fence about buying this or seeing the movie...do it. Do both. You're welcome.
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