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    So! my brother and his wife recently had a daughter and am going to visit them for thanksgiving, so I'm going to miss out on being able to get the 1 thing I want on Black Friday and I'd really like avoid flippers the day AFTER black friday. Would anybody! consider helping me out and picking up Death Grips - Government Plates for me on Black Friday. I will throw in a decent! amount of extra $ just for the kind gesture.. like the price of the LP + $30? I know its a long shot. But! if any body wants to help make my year ! that would be awesome. THANKS!
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    Remember when he used to actually write lyrics rather than protracted streams of consciousness?
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    In the same boat as many, if my store has multiples and I can buy more than 1, I will grab some for the board, since I highly doubt anybody will be trying to grab that at the store I go to.
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    Orchid Tapes Club

    You guys are seriously the best, you know that right?
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    He tries!
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    What's your White Whale record?

    Can we change the title of this thread to "Things I'd Like to Buy"?
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    Flipping this would be pointless... There's nothing on the B-side.
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    new tattoo appresh

    Okay here they are! My girlfriend's: And mine:
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    information you would find in a business plan...
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    Really, really dumb situation

    I hate that sort of scenario. You are the consumer, who purchased a product from a business, who is small enough to - I would imagine - give a shit about what happened. Sounds like you got a douchebag associate, or whatever they call themselves. Trevor, perhaps. I'd try calling back and explaining your situation again. I've found that in situations like these it relies entirely on who you speak with. If it were myself, I would at the very least try to get a new bottle of cleaner - and if you were confident that you couldn't fix your record - compensation for that. Again, speaking from my own experience, you did the right thing hanging up with that person. It wouldn't get you anywhere. Try calling back and speaking with someone else.
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    This is the only thing I'm looking for this time around.
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    What makes you think that? I really hope you're right!!
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    still hasn't gone up on caldo verde, nor has amazon shipped yet.
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    Recent purchases

    Found a copy of Boys Night Out - Trainwreck for $13 at hot topic today!
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    My store is pretty small, and I work there, and I am off that day. We never have anyone waiting to get in on RSDs. I am more than happy to pick up extra releases. As I said though it's a small store and we probably got very few things. No need to message me, I know what people are after and if we get them I'll pick extras up. Worse case scenario those people do get the record, someone will buy it from me somewhere.
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    Well, if you could do that solid for me you'd truly make my year and I'd pay pretty friendly. Message me so I can give you my number.
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    Swans Hype: 2019 Edition (New PO)

    They definitely should be. I'm really hoping SFTB comes to fruition in 2015, as estimated earlier this year.
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    The Official Fat Wreck Preorder Thread

    I like this thread. One of the few on this board that is still relevant to my interests. The individual threads always get lost in a sea of soundtracks, reissues, and stuff I've never heard of.
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    Beautiful! Screenprinted jacket looks quite nice in person! Received my MNU version a few days ago and was in for a treat to find a Blue LP and a light Lavender LP inside! KUDOS! Only cleaned them so far...hoping to listen soon! I must say that the colors were nice...the Lavender seemed to have splatter on it and the blue was dark. I will put up some pics when I get the chance....anyone else two different colors?
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    I emailed them the day they sent the code and they said the $5 discount is basically to combine shipping. I told them in that case, ship my records separately.
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    GatorPrideSonnn Memorial Thread

    I foresee a healthy amount of Tycho.
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    WHIRR / NOTHING 12" Split from RFC NOW!

    The Whirr songs are honestly kind of "eh" to me. (And that's not even considering how hard they're out-shined by the Nothing tracks.) I'd definitely check out Distressor or Sway if you'd like to get a better idea of Whirr... who are well worth your time.
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    We need a long hallway. Each side lined with oil paintings of us in robes smoking pipes.
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    Orchid Tapes Club

    thanks for the update! cant wait to get my first orchid tapes package in, seems like its going to be alot of fun with all the little extras that come along with the releases. the anticipation on getting a copy hasnt been too bad, its just the fact that once i know im getting a physical copy of something i refuse to listen to the record all together until it is in my hands, which has been difficult since its such a good album haha call me strange but i think its more special that way
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    PO: Sun Kil Moon "Benji" (7/29)

    http://pitchfork.com/news/57563-sun-kil-moon-shares-nine-minute-track-the-possum/ New song. Pretty cool.
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    I stand by my prediction that this release is gonna start an elaborate ARG of bullshit leading to a reunion show where they don't show up.
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    Oh I know. I actually got along with him well despite some other peoples experiences, homie hooked me up once or twice too. I'm just giving him shit in return, I'm sure he still lurks this thread, if only to make fun of it with the other "real collectors". On a somewhat related note, if you want to see him blow a gasket go make a "realtalk" account over there and debate the most likely Mondo poster drop times.
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    Since we're sharing secrets, I never cared for much, if any, of the slapsticky Jim Carrey garbage that made him famous. Dumb and Dumber getting a sequal is about the worst thing I can imagine. I much prefer The Majestic, Truman Show, I Love You Phillip Morris, and other dramatic roles he took on and did really well with.
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    Awesome! I've scored a lot of records because of these boards that I otherwise would've missed out on. I'm glad I could help out!
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    Metal Mike

    shit people say that you can't stand

    I remember a Cuban guy my wife used to work with who on breezy days would talk about the "windshield factor." Cuz, you know, it's what the temperature would feel like if you were driving a car with no windshield.
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    Tradelist Semi Sale *Updated 11/30*

    Don't be so stingy with that Dr. Seuss Grinch OST, damn son!
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    shit people say that you can't stand

    That's the thing! We were going back and forth about how payments should be applied to invoices, and I was seriously telling him his way doesn't make sense and causes more time and paperwork and he just keeps saying "we have to get creative!" So if you're not going to listen to my objections, and you're not going to be happy about me agreeing with your way of doing things, I have no other options. Even if I just said "Alright." I'm sure he would've taken that as condescending too. I mean, I count my blessings that I can talk to him this way, because without me they'd be up a paddle without a creek. But I seriously work for a Michael Scott who acts like a child one minute, then needs to be controlling and micromanaging the other. In our argument I think I threw in a "alright, you're the boss!"
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    Team Avatar

    The Walking Dead

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    I think this is still album of the Fall for me. Well, this and RTJ 2.
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    12,000th post

    12,000 POSTS????
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    12,000th post

    Who cares?
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    Just Us


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    Except they aren't doing that. They're repressing the same albums in intentionally small numbers to capitalize on a manufactured sense of collectibility. Miss out on the previous 9 presses of ADTR? Get this new one but hurry cause it's limited to 203. I don't know shit about running a label, but I would imagine when deciding how many of something you want to press you shoot for a number that will sell in a reasonable amount of time. So when Relapse does an 8th pressing of Mastodon you do a couple thousand. Whereas if you're Topshelf you're pressing some niche artists so you only do a few hundred and then a few hundred more when you sell out. Victory knows ADTR and BTBAM will sell quickly and they could easily produce 500-1000 of each album and move it. But they want to capitalize on the shittiest aspects of THE HOBBY so they keep churning out these same albums over and over. They're riding the last gravy train they have left because no one gives a fuck about their current roster (other than Counterparts). So rather than focus on being a reputable label putting out good music they want to slowly scrape up what's left of their glory years. Maybe if they put enough limited variants they squeeze a few extra bucks out of the completionists. Shitty to the bitter end Victory. EDIT: ^^^ my possible misinformed opinion
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    Hey man, you might want to think about lowering some of these prices if you want to use records to fund your wedding.
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    Upcoming Hot Topic Releases

    Pretty sure there's more copies to go up for sale Until then here's all the stores that have it in stock right now Madison Square Mall HUNTSVILLE Alabama Parkway Plaza HUNTSVILLE Alabama Anchorage 5th Avenue Mall ANCHORAGE Alaska Tucson Mall TUCSON Arizona Park Place Mall TUCSON Arizona Fiesta Mall MESA Arizona Arrowhead Towne Center GLENDALE Arizona McCain Mall NORTH LITTLE ROCK Arkansas Northwest Ark. Mall FAYETTEVILLE Arkansas Montclair MONTCLAIR California Montebello Town Center MONTEBELLO California Parkway Plaza EL CAJON California Plaza Bonita NATIONAL CITY California Victorville Mall VICTORVILLE California Lakewood Center Mall LAKEWOOD California Valencia Town Center VALENCIA California Fashion Fair Mall FRESNO California Sunvalley CONCORD California Palm Desert Town Ctr PALM DESERT California North County Fair ESCONDIDO California Vintage Fair Mall MODESTO California Sunrise Mall CITRUS HEIGHTS California The Oaks Mall THOUSAND OAKS California Main Place Mall SANTA ANA California Ontario Mills ONTARIO California Los Cerritos Center CERRITOS California Galleria at Tyler RIVERSIDE California Oakridge Mall SAN JOSE California Mission Valley Center SAN DIEGO California Pacific View Mall VENTURA California Glendale Galleria GLENDALE California City Walk UNIVERSAL CITY California Santa Rosa Plaza SANTA ROSA California Irvine Spectrum IRVINE California Horton Plaza SAN DIEGO California Weberstown Mall STOCKTON California Northridge Mall SALINAS California Promenade in Temecula TEMECULA California Inland Center SAN BERNADINO California Imperial Valley Mall EL CENTRO California Puente Hills Mall CITY OF INDUSTRY California The Galleria at South Bay REDONDO BEACH California The Block at Orange ORANGE California Galleria at Roseville ROSEVILLE California Chapel Hills Mall COLORADO SPRINGS Colorado FlatIron Crossing BROOMFIELD Colorado Foothill Fashions FORT COLLINS Colorado Colorado Mills LAKEWOOD Colorado Crystal Mall WATERFORD Connecticut Pavillion @ Buckland Hills MANCHESTER Connecticut Danbury Fair DANBURY Connecticut Brass Mill WATERBURY Connecticut Connecticut Post Mall MILFORD Connecticut Meriden Mall MERIDEN Connecticut Westfarms Mall FARMINGTON Connecticut Governor's Square TALLAHASSEE Florida Boynton Beach Mall BOYNTON BEACH Florida Flordia Mall ORLANDO Florida The Avenues JACKSONVILLE Florida Dolphin Mall MIAMI Florida Orange Park Mall ORANGE PARK Florida Seminole Town Center SANFORD Florida Cordova Mall PENSACOLA Florida Edison Mall FORT MYERS Florida Aventura Mall AVENTURA Florida Pembroke Lakes Mall PEMBROKE PINES Florida Wellington Green WELLINGTON Florida Treasure Coast Mall JENSEN BEACH Florida The Oaks Mall GAINESVILLE Florida Lakeland Square Mall LAKELAND Florida Countryside Mall CLEARWATER Florida Orlando Fashion Square ORLANDO Florida The Falls MIAMI Florida Brandon Town Center BRANDON Florida International Plaza TAMPA Florida Town Center at Cobb KENNESAW Georgia Mall of Georgia BUFORD Georgia Augusta Mall AUGUSTA Georgia North Point Mall ALPHARETTA Georgia Peachtree Mall COLUMBUS Georgia Valdosta Mall VALDOSTA Georgia Ala Moana Center HONOLULU Hawaii Pearlridge Center AIEA Hawaii Louis Joliet Mall JOLIET Illinois Orland Square ORLAND PARK Illinois Cherryvale Mall ROCKFORD Illinois Chicago Ridge Mall CHICAGO RIDGE Illinois Woodfield Mall SCHAUMBURG Illinois University Center CARBONDALE Illinois White Oaks Mall SPRINGFIELD Illinois Northwoods Mall PEORIA Illinois St. Clair Square FAIRVIEW HEIGHTS Illinois Yorktown Center LOMBARD Illinois Gurnee Mills GURNEE Illinois Harlem Irving Plaza NORRIDGE Illinois Glenbrook Square FORT WAYNE Indiana Eastland Mall EVANSVILLE Indiana Tippecanoe Mall LAFAYETTE Indiana University Park Mall MISHAWAKA Indiana Greenwood Park GREENWOOD Indiana Castleton Square INDIANAPOLIS Indiana Green Tree Mall CLARKSVILLE Indiana Southlake Mall MERRILLVILLE Indiana Markland Mall KOKOMO Indiana Metropolis PLAINFIELD Indiana Coral Ridge Mall CORALVILLE Iowa Southern Hills Mall SIOUX CITY Iowa Lindale Mall CEDAR RAPIDS Iowa Town East Square WICHITA Kansas West Ridge Mall TOPEKA Kansas Manhattan Town Center MANHATTAN Kansas Oak Park Mall OVERLAND PARK Kansas Kentucky Oaks Mall PADUCAH Kentucky Florence Mall FLORENCE Kentucky Mall St. Matthews LOUISVILLE Kentucky Fayette Mall LEXINGTON Kentucky Lakeside Mall METAIRIE Louisiana Pecanland Mall MONROE Louisiana Prien Lake Mall LAKE CHARLES Louisiana Acadiana Mall LAFAYETTE Louisiana Mall of Louisiana BATON ROUGE Louisiana Bangor Mall BANGOR Maine Valley Mall HAGERSTOWN Maryland Arundel Mills HANOVER Maryland Annapolis Mall ANNAPOLIS Maryland Marley Station GLEN BURNIE Maryland Lakeforest Mall GAITHERSBURG Maryland St Charles Town Center WALDORF Maryland Harford Mall BEL AIR Maryland Emerald Square NORTH ATTLEBORO Massachusetts Holyoke Mall HOLYOKE Massachusetts Auburn Mall AUBURN Massachusetts South Shore Mall BRAINTREE Massachusetts Berkshire Mall LANESBORO Massachusetts Oakland Mall TROY Michigan Genesee Valley Mall FLINT Michigan Westwood Mall JACKSON Michigan Twelve Oaks NOVI Michigan Woodland Mall GRAND RAPIDS Michigan Lakeside (MI) STERLING HEIGHTS Michigan Westland Center WESTLAND Michigan Fashion Sq Mall SAGINAW Michigan Macomb Mall ROSEVILLE Michigan Crossroads Mall SAINT CLOUD Minnesota Miller Hill Mall DULUTH Minnesota Ridgedale Center MINNETONKA Minnesota Apache Mall ROCHESTER Minnesota Edgewater Mall BILOXI Mississippi Northparks Mall RIDGELAND Mississippi The Mall at Barnes Crossing TUPELO Mississippi Turtle Creek Mall HATTIESBURG Mississippi Mid Rivers Mall SAINT PETERS Missouri South County Center SAINT LOUIS Missouri Northpark Mall JOPLIN Missouri Independence Mall INDEPENDENCE Missouri West Park Mall CAPE GIRARDEAU Missouri Battlefield Mall SPRINGFIELD Missouri West County Mall DES PERES Missouri St. Louis Mills HAZELWOOD Missouri Zona Rosa KANSAS CITY Missouri Branson Landing BRANSON Missouri Rimrock Mall BILLINGS Montana Boulevard Mall LAS VEGAS Nevada Meadows Mall LAS VEGAS Nevada Sunset Galleria HENDERSON Nevada Meadowood Mall RENO Nevada Fashion Show Mall LAS VEGAS Nevada Pheasant Lane Mall NASHUA New Hampshire Willowbrook Mall WAYNE New Jersey Rockaway Townsquare ROCKAWAY New Jersey Hamilton Mall MAYS LANDING New Jersey Deptford Mall DEPTFORD New Jersey Woodbridge Center WOODBRIDGE New Jersey Monmouth Mall EATONTOWN New Jersey Garden State Plaza PARAMUS New Jersey Ocean County Mall TOMS RIVER New Jersey Freehold Raceway Mall FREEHOLD New Jersey Jersey Gardens ELIZABETH New Jersey Moorestown Mall MOORESTOWN New Jersey Cherry Hill Mall CHERRY HILL New Jersey Bridgewater Commons BRIDGEWATER New Jersey Livingston Mall LIVINGSTON New Jersey Staten Island Mall STATEN ISLAND New York Smith Haven Mall LAKE GROVE New York Crossgates Mall ALBANY New York Wa lden Galleria BUFFALO New York Palisades Center WEST NYACK New York Sangertown Square NEW HARTFORD New York Carousel Mall SYRACUSE New York Sunrise Mall MASSAPEQUA New York Galleria at Crystal Run MIDDLETOWN New York Galleria of White Plains WHITE PLAINS New York Poughkeepsie Galleria POUGHKEEPSIE New York Boulevard (NY) AMHERST New York Hudson Valley KINGSTON New York Arnot Mall HORSEHEADS New York Salmon Run Mall WATERTOWN New York Queens Center ELMHURST New York Chautauqua Mall LAKEWOOD New York Carolina Place PINEVILLE North Carolina Cary Towne Center CARY North Carolina Independence Mall WILMINGTON North Carolina Asheville Mall ASHEVILLE North Carolina Streets at Southpoint DURHAM North Carolina Four Seasons Town Center GREENSBORO North Carolina Columbia Mall GRAND FORKS North Dakota West Acres Mall FARGO North Dakota Great Lakes Mall MENTOR Ohio Franklin Park TOLEDO Ohio Polaris Fashion Place COLUMBUS Ohio Belden Village CANTON Ohio Sandusky Mall SANDUSKY Ohio Southern Park Mall YOUNGSTOWN Ohio Eastgate Mall CINCINNATI Ohio Easton Town Center COLUMBUS Ohio [email protected] Commond BEAVER CREEK Ohio Northgate Mall CINCINNATI Ohio Findlay Village Mall FINDLAY Ohio River Valley Mills LANCASTER Ohio Southpark Mall STRONGSVILLE Ohio Kenwood Towne Centre CINCINNATI Ohio Penn Square Mall OKLAHOMA CITY Oklahoma Tulsa Promenade TULSA Oklahoma Woodland Hills Mall TULSA Oklahoma Quail Springs Mall OKLAHOMA CITY Oklahoma Central Mall LAWTON Oklahoma Clackamas PORTLAND Oregon Lloyd Center PORTLAND Oregon Valley River Center EUGENE Oregon Salem Center SALEM Oregon Washington Square TIGARD Oregon Plaza at King of Prussia KING OF PRUSSIA Pennsylvania Wyoming Valley Mall WILKES BARRE Pennsylvania Park City Center LANCASTER Pennsylvania Capital City Mall CAMP HILL Pennsylvania Neshaminy Mall BENSALEM Pennsylvania Nittany Mall STATE COLLEGE Pennsylvania Mill Creek Mall ERIE Pennsylvania Westmoreland Mall GREENSBURG Pennsylvania Monroeville Mall MONROEVILLE Pennsylvania Willow Grove Park WILLOW GROVE Pennsylvania Washington Crown Center WASHINGTON Pennsylvania South Hills Village PITTSBURGH Pennsylvania Ross Park Mall PITTSBURGH Pennsylvania Berkshire Mall WYOMISSING Pennsylvania Springfield Mall SPRINGFIELD Pennsylvania Susquehanna Mall SELINSGROVE Pennsylvania Pittsburgh Mills TARENTUM Pennsylvania Lehigh Valley Mall WHITEHALL Pennsylvania Clearview Mall BUTLER Pennsylvania Plaza Del Caribe PONCE Puerto Rico Plaza Las Americas SAN JUAN Puerto Rico Plaza Del Sol BAYAMON Puerto Rico Haywood Mall GREENVILLE South Carolina Westgate Mall SPARTANBURG South Carolina Coastal Grand MYRTLE BEACH South Carolina Anderson Mall ANDERSON South Carolina Rock Hills Galleria ROCK HILLS South Carolina The Empire SIOUX FALLS South Dakota Rushmore Mall RAPID CITY South Dakota Governor's Square CLARKSVILLE Tennessee Cool Springs Galleria FRANKLIN Tennessee Hamilton Place CHATTANOOGA Tennessee The Mall @ Johnson City JOHNSON CITY Tennessee Wolfchase Galleria MEMPHIS Tennessee West Town Mall KNOXVILLE Tennessee Barton Creek AUSTIN Texas Town East Mall MESQUITE Texas Katy Mills KATY Texas Deerbrook Mall HUMBLE Texas South Plains Mall LUBBOCK Texas Post Oak Mall COLLEGE STATION Texas Ingram Park Mall SAN ANTONIO Texas Stonebriar Centre FRISCO Texas Mall Del Norte LAREDO Texas Parks at Arlington ARLINGTON Texas Baybrook Mall FRIENDSWOOD Texas Westgate Mall AMARILLO Texas Southpark Mall SAN ANTONIO Texas Sikes Senter Mall WICHITA FALLS Texas Houston Galleria HOUSTON Texas Midland Park Mall MIDLAND Texas Mall of Abilene ABILENE Texas Brazos Mall LAKE JACKSON Texas Rivercenter SAN ANTONIO Texas Grapevine Mills GRAPEVINE Texas Northeast Mall HURST Texas Rollings Oaks SAN ANTONIO Texas Valle Vista Mall HARLINGEN Texas Killeen Mall KILLEEN Texas Sunset Mall SAN ANGELO Texas Willowbrook Mall HOUSTON Texas South Towne Center SANDY Utah University Mall OREM Utah Fashion Place SALT LAKE CITY Utah Newgate Mall OGDEN Utah Layton Hills Mall LAYTON Utah Dulles Town Center DULLES Virginia Patrick Henry Mall NEWPORT NEWS Virginia Chesterfield Mall RICHMOND Virginia Fair Oaks FAIRFAX Virginia Virginia City Commons GLEN ALLEN Virginia Potomac Mills WOODBRIDGE Virginia Southcenter TUKWILA Washington Columbia Shopping Dr. KENNEWICK Washington Kitsap Mall SILVERDALE Washington Bellis Fair Mall BELLINGHAM Washington Tacoma Mall TACOMA Washington Northtown Mall SPOKANE Washington Charleston Town Ctr CHARLESTON West Virginia Huntington Mall BARBOURSVILLE West Virginia Southridge Mall GREENDALE Wisconsin East Towne Center MADISON Wisconsin Mayfair Mall MILWAUKEE Wisconsin Forest Mall FOND DU LAC Wisconsin Eastridge Mall CASPER Wyoming
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    To be honest, I'm a little disappointed in this release. The only extras are songs that have already officially released. I was hoping for some demos or live stuff. I still ordered immediately, but I'm sure there is more in the vault that would be awesome to hear! I hope Saddle Creek does more of these reissues soon!
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    I like the certificate of authenticity "Yo, check out my marshmallow scented marshmallow jacket for my sweet Ghostbusters single!" "Pffft, that could be anything" BOOM CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY
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    Can I pick both? (: Are you really that upset by other people's purchases, or do you just hate life?
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    Honestly...I can do shipping included with these prices. I should've listed that prior. Ryanohavok, sorry I told you no. If you're still interested in the record you wanted, we can do it. My bad guys.
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    Relient K - MMHMM repress coming!

    Yeah in a $50 wooden box set. no thanks. Waiting for a normal $15-$20 release of FANSD.
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    i actually just read some old interview on that wisdom of chains band. what a bunch of chodes. talking about real hardcore and how they aren't the kinda band that is on the radio. they sounded like some 15 year old kids who just got into the whole hardcore scene thing and are talking like it's something new and profound. completely insulting most people's intelligence (unless you're 15). talking about how their songs are about unity and crap like that. then i listened to the link and they sounded exactly like how i thought they would sound. they had the lyrical prowess of THE OFFSPRING (cheezzzy) and the music sounded like it was all running through a crate guitar amp with scooped mids. ooof.
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