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    Did some blackpacking in Oslo this weekend and checked out Neseblod records that recently moved into the old Helvete storefront run by Euronymous from Mayhem back in the day. They opened up the basement where they took their promos, and like the trve nerd I am had to snap a selfie. Selfies are metal as fvck.
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    I think King of the Hill could have gone on for a few more seasons without Luann. As a character she seemed kind of tired after 13 seasons of the same shit from her. That would probably mean doing without Lucky as well, though, and I did really like Lucky. (Buckley was a pretty fun character too. Hey.) The thing I hate the most about Fox is how convoluted their idea of what's funny is. The Cleveland Show is not fucking funny. American Dad! hasn't been funny for a few years now. Family Guy should have stayed cancelled the first time. King of the Hill ran laps around those two for years and I can't imagine what led Fox to greenlight another MacFarlane show. Motherfucker isn't funny.
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    Posting LazyLabrador is practically cheating in this thread.
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    I don't understand why people don't set alarms for things that they want...
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    FREE RECORD: Mansions - Dig Up The Dead

    PraiseMorph wins
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    It makes sense if you want it to but there's obviously a reason it doesn't. Can you feel your fingers when they hit the keyboard?
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    it's not even out yet...
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    Can't tell if serious or trolling.
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    Interesting find

    Obviously not. But thanks for letting me know what discogs is.
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    See, I don't have this problem, because I hoard.
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    It's not the same without Travis' shoes in the frame... but it sure looks pretty good!
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    Here it is, I'm sure Travis will have a better picture soon. I don't know how the instagram guy got this though.
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    Does anyone have a hedgehog?

    You're welcome.
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    Joke's on everyone, Claudio just wants to text a pic of his baby to everyone when it's born.
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    I would be surprised in 30 years you listen to Chiodos
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    To try and fill the void in my empty life with material possessions, of course!
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    Yeah, definitely got into it for the ladies. Ever since I started collecting records, I am swimming in pussy. Positively swimming!
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    THE VISITOR Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Music Composed, Arranged and Conducted by Franco Micalizzi Artwork by Jay Shaw 2XLP Pressed on 180 Gram Black vinyl with randomly-inserted Sunburst Vinyl Featuring eight tracks never before released on vinyl $30 www.mondotees.com
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    Bored to Death
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    I would totally do business with you, but I just found a copy a few weeks ago. Good luck!
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    I heard ABC just canceled The Neighbors. Did anyone ever watch that? Every episode of that was a circus; absolutely hilarious.
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    WTB Emery - TWE (update: got it!)

    yeah I would kill for their albums to be pressed. A boxset of all of them would be awesome. At least their new album is being pressed.
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    Neck Deep Rain In July/AHOBD repress

    The band tweeted that pre orders are going live tomorrow at 5PM GMT
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    Etsy I don't read. Store Envy?
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    DIY ground wire?

    Silver is so last year it's platinum or nothing for me, and that cashmere really needs to come from animals that graze on a north facing slope if it's going to have any real effect.
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    Mondo Prints

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    Money does buy happiness! well done
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    Has anyone said the click five? Because their first cd is my jam.
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    finally hung this bad boy: ry fucking nailed this
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    Yup, and the only one where he isn't crooning. The vocal approach on this one doesn't take advantage of the best qualities of his voice.
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    I bought two copies of each of the Circa represses
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    pants shopping is the worst for me because nothing ever fits me so i just give up and wear dresses mostly. bathing suit shopppinng is worse and easier to avoid. i have one that mostly fits so who needs more right. i like this thread because you guys are so nice and supportive.
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    Or Schrutebucks?
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    i think Will's dogs should get their own spin-off.
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    Are You Still A Flaming Lips Fan?

    Wayne Coyne is the worst. Not just from the recent stuff but in general. I probably would have given up on this band long ago if I liked them and things like that mattered to me. I listen to Burzum, so who am I to talk?
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    sorry, work related. With that said, im pretty sure most fans are going to be pretty damn excited about it.
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    Going to laugh when it's a music video.
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    I know, and I'm not telling Seriously.
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    Why the fuck did I sell that?

    Oh for sure. Sometimes I wonder if people care more about music or resale value.
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    Why the fuck did I sell that?

    oooh yeah. I try not to think about those days anymore. When records were cheaper than CDs at shows and shit that now goes for way too much money initially costing $10 or less. I still remember seeing Brand New touring with TBS and Rufio when YFW came out and scanning the merch table thinking, 'who buys records?'. Here I am ten years later kicking myself in the ass.
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    Why the fuck did I sell that?

    Incredible Hulk #181. Ouch. I was 14, but i still cringe. lol.
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    The songs of my youth.
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    Online sales of RSD releases

    I used to rub my dinky all over GID records but I've since moved on to blowup dolls and now just stick a glow stick up the plastic vag for the same effect.
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    various download codes

    I just always throw the codes up. I don't have to know everyone who gets them. It would be cool if people told you when they got em just to save someone else some time, but I don't think it really matters.
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    Moon Beams, is that you?
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