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    I know you guys aren't liking this record, but damn im loving this variant and it sounds incredible. Also the fastest international shipping ive ever experienced!
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    That Rufus Wainwright album on Merch Outlet rules, but I really want to buy that $10 Imagine Dragons record just to set it on fire. Like literally place it atop flames. I dunno why, but I hate them.
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    I owned that copy, It sounds like turds, so I sold it and picked up an original MoV pressing (white). By "original", I mean the first time MoV released it. Sounds 100% better than that glow in the dark piece of shit.
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    Hi everybody, I would like to introduce this crazy project of mine I did recently - find records in your shelf with a laser pointer! The main idea is that I organize my shelves based on my Discogs collection and then I find them with a Raspberry Pi pan-tilt laser pointer. I build an manager app and everything! The official Raspberry Pi blog was kind enough to do a write up - find all the info here: https://www.raspberrypi.org/blog/vinyl-shelf-finder/ (also a reddit with the full setup picture https://redd.it/70muep) The full hardware setup is harder to replicate and it's not always 100% accurate (this wasn't the idea anyway) but the app is quite cool - I use it everyday, especially for the Last.fm integration. Will be happy to answer any question and requests!
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    Small hours is my favourite for fitting perfect with this relaxday today.
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    Absolutely love Silver Screen but the atmospheric uplift of cardinal just edged it for me. Love listening to this during the late evening. Amazing album and can't wait for the vinyl drop!
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    This just reminded me how crazily great the packaging of F2F is:
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    I'm in the same boat. I've only played it a few times since it came out and I just realized that. Up until now it was one of the releases I was most excited for. I don't think Battle Born was a misstep either, I absolutely loved that album.
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    Silver screen the pick for me too. Some serious melancholy 80s nostalgia vibes going on!
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    Official OST and Film Score Thread

    Well this has been fun but this looks like the end. Fucking kill me now. http://enjoytheride.storenvy.com/collections/27394-vinyl-records/products/21670976-not-another-teen-movie-soundtrack
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    Why not jus sell for what you paid + shipping and small extra fee. Also, what are requirements to be a "legit fan"?
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    The webstore white vinyl arrived today, at first I was worried there was no 7" but it's tucked inside the gatefold in a thin paper sleeve. Side A is the Yuk Foo demo and side B is a demo called "Bad Things" - wish I could comment on it but I don't have anything to play it on in my dorm.
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    Video Game OSTs v2.0

    Said "fuck it" and bought that Cuphead 4xLP from iam8bit. Really excited to get it.
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    a hand pressed the button to start the machine that numbered them
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    These pink versions will be available in 6 months for below face value when people get bored of this album. It isn't going to be a classic.
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    I just keep dragging my feet on it. I'm not going to find it for less than ~$75 or $85, so I need to just bite the bullet and snag a decent copy of it.
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    <3 Be the first to hear my EP!

    I'm sorry - I just thought this was a safe place.
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    ok got ya. thanks for explaining. i did not realize the interludes, this album has too many versions and too many tracklists, bonus tracks, etc. and this big set should prob be 7 inchers.
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    Echoing a few others here. To me, the opening track (Small Hours) really gives this album the right to live in your car and never leave. This is driving music defined. I really can’t wait to spin this, because it’s going to take me on numerous road trips without ever leaving the house during cold winter evenings.
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    [PO Now!] Prawn - Run

    Holy shit, it awesome! I see them in two days, will buy one for sure!!!
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    Wild Ones - Mirror Touch (10/6)

    New song:
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    [PO Now!] Prawn - Run

    Just gave People Like You a go based on you guys recommending it, and wow! I'll have to dig through these too, I was obsessed with Topshelf around the time that TWIABP put their first out but haven't really paid them much mind of late. Gotta rectify this!
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    PO NOW: Citizen - As You Please

    Album leaked
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